49 Year Old Heidi Klum Goes Topless

49 Year Old Heidi Klum Goes Topless

49 Year Old Heidi Klum Goes Topless

Heidi Klum, 49, was a gorgeous sight during her recent summer vacation.

The pretty model was photographed walking on the sand while wearing a white string bikini, letting her long tresses down, in sunny St. Barts.

She also had a light pink and white water float around her waist as she walked around the beach area and had fun in the water.

49 Year Old Heidi Klum Goes Topless
49 Year Old Heidi Klum Goes Topless

Heidi took to her Instagram page to share her eye-catching photo of herself in only the bottom part of her white thong bikini and looked just as great.

She was leaning on what appeared to be an outdoor bench and pillow as she stood in front of a palm tree in the snapshot and seemed to be confident and sexy.

49 Year Old Heidi Klum Goes Topless

She again had her hair down and gave a slight smile to the camera as she turned her head.

“My hot girl summer 2022,” Heidi captioned her social media pic along with several appropriate emojis, including a sun, a pink bikini, a red heart, and a face surrounded by spirits.

Although the German beauty turned comments off on the post, we’re sure it would have been full of compliments since she has over 9 million devoted followers.

Before her latest bikini pics, Heidi made headlines for posing for a photo while wearing nothing and laying back in an unmade bed.

The black and white pic was posted to social media and received many likes. “Come back to bed, baby,” she captioned it, leaving a lasting impression.

Heidi isn’t the only one in the family who’s gotten attention for epic photos.

Her daughter Leni, 18, recently shared a photo of herself lounging around in a brown cutout bikini while she appeared to wear no makeup, and it received well above 1000 comments.

The snapshot also showed off a sunburn she received, and she took to the caption to seemingly joke about it. “a little past sun-kissed,” she wrote.

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49 Year Old Heidi Klum Goes Topless


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