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Aahana Kumar Clarifies Remark Issue During the shoot of Lipstick under my bhurkha

Few day ago Aahana Kumra made a comment on Prakash Jha saying that the filmmaker walked in on Lipstick Under My Burkha set, when she was filming a sex scene and commented something which made her uncomfortable.

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Now Aahana Kumra says she was “uncomfortable” with a remark made by filmmaker Prakash Jha during the shooting of Lipstick Under My Burkha, but the comment was on a scene and not on her.

Aahana to IANS “My director Alankrita Shrivastava made sure that all the intimate scenes were shot in a closed set with few people around. Prakash Jha happened to drop by while I was shooting with my co-star Vikrant Massey. Since I had never shot an intimate scene before that, it was difficult to get in the right zone,”


Aahana Kumra has worked in Lipstick Under My Burkha

She further added “Since he is also a director, he had a suggestion regarding the scene, but I wanted to hear it from my director, Alankrita. He was on the set for a while, and after he left, we continued to shoot and also implemented his suggestion,”

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Aahana felt a recent comment made on the incident by her was “blown out of proportion”.

“Prakash Jha has been extremely respectful of all of us actors at every time that we have met him… It’s not right to drag his name unnecessarily. The remark was not on me. It was regarding the scene purely,” Ahana told to IANS

When asked about what the remark was, the actress said, “I am not comfortable sharing that.”

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