After Karan Alia Randeep Now Rangoli Chandel Blasts Ajay Devgnn

Another name added in the list of ranaut sisters yes Its now ajay devgnn

Yesterday rangoli chandel sister of Kangana accused randeep hooda harrassing her sister during the shoot of ungli.

On Wednesday, Tanushree in an statement said, “Tinsel town is full of liars, show-offs and spineless hypocrites. And it seems by a large public consensus that the signpost is pointing currently at Ajay Devgn.”

Tanushree added, “It was possible to re-shoot Alok Nath’s scenes once the allegations against him were made public, but no, they had to keep the alleged rapist in their film and rub it on not only accuser Vinta Nanda’s but on all our faces.”

Today rangoli took twitter and wrote about ajay devgnn who always kept himself far away from controversies

It is because of these men our country is a black spot on world map as far as crimes against women are concerned,shame on you bollywood for mocking #MeToo

She continued These men are so intoxicated with power and money, they are teasing the movement by supporting fellow harassers and slyly mocking the victims, also shamelessly defending their actions with lame excuses..

meanwhile some people supported ajay

hmmm rajkumar rao and kangana’s mental hai kya poster released yesterday


hmmmmmm rajkumar rao….. Good Luck


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