AI Could Make it Tougher to Detect Scams,” Warns Apple Co-founder

AI Could Make it Tougher to Detect Scams," Warns Apple Co-founder

AI Could Make it Tougher to Detect Scams,” Warns Apple Co-founder

Steve Wozniak says content created with artificial intelligence should be labelled and calls for regulation.

Wozniak, known in the tech world as Woz, talked about the benefits of AI and the dangers.

“AI is so intelligent it’s open to the bad players, the ones that want to trick you about who they are,” he told the BBC.

AI Could Make it Tougher to Detect Scams," Warns Apple Co-founder

AI refers to computer systems that are able to do tasks that would normally require human intelligence. One of these, GPT-4, developed by OpenAI, a company co-founded by Musk and now backed by Microsoft, can hold conversation like a human, compose songs and summarize lengthy documents.

Wozniak does not believe AI will replace people because it lacks emotion, but warned that it will make bad actors more convincing, because programmes such as ChatGPT can create text that “sounds so intelligent”.

He argued that responsibility for programmes generated by AI lies with those who publish it: “A human really has to take the responsibility for what is generated by AI.”

He urged regulators to hold to account the big tech firms that “feel they can kind of get away with anything”, but was sceptical regulators would get it right. “The forces that drive for money usually win out, which is sort of sad,” he said.

Tech Icon Wozniak Highlights Benefits and Dangers of AI, Calls for Accountability and Regulation

Renowned in the tech world as “Woz,” Steve Wozniak recently shared his views on the advantages and pitfalls of artificial intelligence. While he acknowledged the significant potential of AI, he also warned about the risks posed by malicious actors who use it to deceive people. AI systems like ChatGPT, capable of generating human-like text, could make scams and misinformation more difficult to identify.

Although Wozniak does not believe that AI will replace humans because it lacks emotional intelligence, he emphasized that individuals who publish AI-generated content must take responsibility for it. He also called for regulators to hold tech firms accountable for their AI programs, stating that these companies often feel they can get away with anything. Nevertheless, he expressed doubt that regulators would be effective in this regard, as the forces driving profit often prevail.

Wozniak’s insights reflect the challenges that the fast-evolving AI landscape presents and the importance of ethical considerations, accountability, and regulation.

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