All You Want To Know About Lazy Pay Finance

All You Want To Know About Lazy Pay Finance

All You Want To Know About Lazy Pay Finance, Reviews, Pay Back Time, Charges and Merchants

Lazy Pay is a Shop Now Pay Later application by PayU which provides a host of financial services.

It is one of the different pay later platforms available in the market. Besides, the buy now and pay later facility, no-cost EMI and personal loans are also available.

As per their website Lazy Pay provides one tap payment, which you can repay in 15 Days

They also offer 1 lac personal loan, No Cost EMI’s and accepted across 250 websites and applications.

Have different types of loan categories Travel Loan, Medical Loan, Bike Loan and Wedding Loan

Claimed by their website they have 10+ lac App installs 1cr credit transactions and INR 500cr. credit disbursed

It allows users to purchase things on credit. You can settle the entire amount after the 15-day circle. The bill is due on 3rd and 18th of each month.

With regular reminders through emails and messages, it is next to impossible to forget about the next payment date.

Just like regular credit cards, LazyPay also comes with a specific credit limit. You can check your credit limit by adding your phone number.

It has also recently announced its partnership with, Sony Liv and ALT Balaji. LazyPay will offer ‘Pay Later’ option to the subscribers of these platforms.

All You Want To Know About Lazy Pay Finance

All You Want To Know About Lazy Pay Finance

Through LazyPay, you can get an instant personal loan of up to Rs. 1 lakh. Customers can get a loan approval of Rs.10,000 instantly.

You can easily repay the loan within three months to 24 months. Calculate your EMI through EMI calculator.

Add the withdrawal amount and the tenure that you are comfortable with, to check the EMI.

The interest rates range from 15% to 32%. Further, a processing fee of 2% will be applicable on the amount is withdrawn.

Requirements for Lazy Pay

Mobile Number

Personal details

PAN & ID Proof

After all the KYC process you will get your credit limit


Fast credit : It takes few minutes to analyze your credit limit and you can use it with just in one tap

User friendly app

Good customer service


Too many reminders


Payback on time you will love their service

Reviews by users on play store

Highly recommended and thanks for the lazypay team for approving my profile very soon. This is really helping me for my daily needs from running out of cash. The only thing was from my suggestion is please make this payment roll for 28 days instead of 15 days schedule. Then this will be crazy more.

One of the best app for online shopping without any interest and you just need to pay the credit limit which you had borrowed from them in 15 days, They never call you and irrate you to pay your dues before the due date. It work kya Virtual Credit card and comes with lots of benefits…. Recommend tFull Review

I have installed lazypay more than a month ago. But still it’s showing that due to overwhelming response, we’re offer you to lazypay now. How long will it take. More than a month passed

This a great application, when you are helpless or its end of the month. Never noticed that I had a due on this but cleared out and thanks to the team for reminding me and waiving off the extra charges, cheers.

Play Store Downloads : 10L+

Reviews : 1L+

Rating : 4.3/5

Lazy Pay Official Website : Here

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