#AmericaIsBroken Trending On Twitter USA


#AmericaIsBroken Trending On Twitter USA

Americans are angry about what is happening in the United States Of America.

On July 4, a horror happened during Highland Park’s Fourth of July parade.

Killed six people and wounded dozens in one of the worst mass shootings in Illinois history, a gunman suspected of causing the carnage was pulled over peacefully on U.S. 41 in Lake Forest.

At 6:45 p.m. Monday, the Highland Park police said a “person of interest” — identified as Robert E. “Bobby” Crimo III, 22 — had been “taken into custody without incident” on U.S. 41 at Westleigh Road in Lake Forest.

The arrest came after a North Chicago police officer spotted him and followed a short chase.

Crimo was taken to the Highland Park police station, police Chief Lou Jogmen said.

As news of the arrest spread, people began driving by the Highland Park police station and expressing their thanks to officers, yelling “thank you” and “good job.”

And now angry Americans are trending #AmericaIsBroken

Here are some Tweets

User1: #AmericaIsBroken when a 22 year old has access to an AR-15 uses it to commit a mass shooting, gets taken into custody.

AmericaIsBroken when the cops fire 90 bullets at a 25 year old black man, 60 killing him – their final act of depraved dehumanization; handcuffing his corpse.


Day 184 and America has had 309 mass shootings


No nation is perfect But #America is on its way to self-destruction with the love of gun There is no rhyme or reason whatsoever why there should be these daily #massshootings if the likes of

@GOP just do the right thing


There has been a mass shooting in EVERY WEEK of 2022 in America. No problem though Mass Shooting #AmericaIsBroken #Illinois


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