Angel Carter Reveals Decade-Long Fear of Aaron Carter’s Tragic Death

Angel Carter Reveals Decade-Long Fear of Aaron Carter's Tragic Death

Angel Carter shares her decade-long fear of Aaron Carter’s death, revealing emotional struggles and family hardships on the ‘Squeeze’ podcast.

Bollywood Fever: Aaron Carter’s twin sister, Angel Carter, has revealed that she spent almost a decade “preparing” for the tragic death of the child star. Known for hits like “Crazy Little Party Girl,” Aaron passed away in November 2022 after an accidental fall in the bath while under the influence of various substances. Angel admitted she wasn’t as shocked by Aaron’s passing as she was by their older sister Leslie’s overdose in 2012.

In a candid conversation on Taylor and Tay Lautner’s “Squeeze” podcast, Angel shared, “What’s so interesting about Leslie’s passing—she passed away when I was 23—her death completely blindsided me. I didn’t see that one coming.”

Angel revealed her long-held fears: “When she died, I was already in therapy preparing for Aaron’s death. I thought he was going to die. I feared it my entire 20s. I knew this day was going to come, and I think he knew it too.”

Despite her efforts to help, Angel recounted how Aaron’s addiction often led him to push her away. She painfully remembered how, in 2019, Aaron, who also had a hit with “I Want Candy,” began collecting guns and disturbingly confessed to having thoughts of harming infants during what was alleged to be a psychotic episode. This alarming behavior prompted Angel, now 36, and their elder brother Nick Carter to seek a restraining order against Aaron, resulting in the confiscation of his firearms. Tearfully, she added, “I had to protect him from himself.”

Angel attributed Aaron’s tragic end to the exploitation and manipulation he suffered at the hands of those around him who “used him” throughout his career, which started when he was just nine years old. She lamented, “I couldn’t save him. It wasn’t my responsibility to save him, but I tried.”

Angel described the “Fool’s Gold” crooner as the family’s “breadwinner” who shouldered the blame for their parents’ 2003 split, believing his fame and fortune had torn the household apart. She revealed, “He thought that the success destroyed the family.”

Aaron, who had multiple rehab visits leading up to his demise, started using marijuana at a young age but escalated to harder drugs at just 12 after his parents’ divorce. Angel disclosed, “He was experimenting with ecstasy and huffing duster cans.” However, she asserted it was only “years later” that she discovered Aaron’s continued involvement with “bad stuff” into his adulthood.

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