Antstream: First Game Streaming Service for Retro Gamers Launches on iOS and iPadOS

Antstream: First Game Streaming Service for Retro Gamers Launches on iOS and iPadOS

Antstream, the first game streaming service on iOS and iPadOS, offers over 1,300 legally licensed retro games. Launching June 27th with special subscription discounts.

Bollywood Fever: Apple has opened the door for game streaming services in its App Store following the implementation of the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) last year. Next week, the first such service to arrive on iOS and iPadOS will cater to hardcore retro gamers, as highlighted by Cult of Mac.

Antstream, already available on several platforms like Xbox, Windows, Android, and Amazon devices, boasts a catalog of over 1,300 retro games that can be played on demand. This extensive library includes classics such as Missile Command, Sam & Max Hit the Road, Asteroids, and Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Antstream: First Game Streaming Service for Retro Gamers Launches on iOS and iPadOS

While there are several excellent retro gaming emulators available for Apple’s mobile devices, including Delta, RetroArch, and PPSSPP, these emulators do not include any games. They rely on ROMs, digital copies of classic video games, which come with complicated legal questions regarding their use and acquisition.

Antstream sets itself apart by featuring a library of legally licensed retro titles, similar to the Evercade lineup of gaming consoles. This means users don’t have to navigate the dark corners of the web to source their own games.

Antstream offers hundreds of titles from ancient platforms like the Commodore 64, the ZX Spectrum, and the Commodore Amiga. However, it includes just 28 Atari 2600 games, five from the Game Boy, two from the original PlayStation, and 42 from the Super Nintendo. So, even with over 1,300 games, finding a specific favorite might require some digging.

Despite the appeal of games like the Super Star Wars trilogy on the SNES, some may question whether this alone justifies the cost of an Antstream subscription. For a limited time after launching on the App Store on June 27th, subscriptions will be discounted to $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year. This is slightly cheaper than the standard $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year that Antstream typically charges.

Antstream’s arrival on iOS and iPadOS marks a significant step for game streaming services on Apple devices, offering a legal and accessible way to enjoy retro gaming classics.

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