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Anup Jalota: My relationship with Jasleen is not physical,i have Never dated Jasleen, entered Bigg Boss 12 to make her popular

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Anup Jalota: My relationship with Jasleen is not physical,i have Never dated Jasleen, entered Bigg Boss 12 to make her popular

Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu were definitely the most ‘vichitra’ jodi of Bigg Boss 12. The pair has now been separated as Anup was evicted by host Salman Khan on Sunday night. Along with him, Saba Khan also walked out of the show.

Bigg Boss 12

Anup has made another exposing revelation that will shock the Bigg Boss 12 fans. He said that he never dated Jasleen and met her only a couple of times before the show and that the two share a musical relationship.

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How would you like to sum up your Bigg Boss 12 experience?

Superb! I feel like going to the Bigg Boss house again. In fact spending time in Bigg Boss house proved to be a blessing for me. I slept for 8 hours at stretch, worked out and lost 4 kg. Now, I have decided that if I lose 4 more kilos, I can host the next Bigg Boss instead of Salman Khan. In these 6 weeks, I didn’t consult a doctor a single time, while other housemates sought medical help almost daily. All of them are of by kids’ age. Mere liye ek baar bhi murga nahi baja. I never slept during the day while others made strategy in the night.

Were you expecting to get out this soon?
I was voted out three weeks back, so the additional weeks were like bonus. The kind of person I am, the sanskaars I have, I couldn’t have stayed for a longer period without getting nominated.

Who do you think will miss you the most in the house?
I think it would be Sreesanth. We enjoyed a lot together. I enjoyed all his dramebaazi. But it was weird how he flipped after re-entering the house from the secret room. This thing cannot continue for long. I would advise him to either play or quit. There is no use giving threats of quitting. Once I showed him the exit and how he could get out of it, but he doesn’t do that too. He actually wants to stay in the house without playing. Because of him, we lost out luxury budget too.

Although you didn’t lose your cool a single time, you did show your anger towards Jasleen a lot of times.

When she refused to give up makeup and clothes for me, I realised she loved artificial things more. It was just to teach her a lesson.

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You have been dating her for 3.5 years and still don’t know her?

We have met only a couple of times either at his home or my home. Her father and I are old friends. We never met outside the house and have only met at airport. Our relationship is not physical, it is spiritual, it is musical. We are connected by music.

So, you are not planning to tie the knot in future?

Not at all. We can do riyaaz together, and that’s all. There has never been anything between us beyond this. People have made a story out of this. But it’s far from the truth.

But you declared your relationship at the Bigg Boss 12 premiere.

People felt so. But ours is only a musical relationship. I share such relationship with a lot of my students.

So, there is no romance between you two?

Neither there was any romance between us, nor it can happen in future.

Jasleen’s father was fuming over your relationship with his daughter. Did you speak to him?

He felt very odd with the way things were reported.

Were you in any pressure from the Bigg Boss 12 makers to fake your relationship with Jasleen?

Bigg Boss was originally offered to Jasleen. But she had to participate in the show with a vichitra jodi. When she asked me, and her father asked me too, I denied. But after their convincing, I agreed. I had to adjust by concert dates. I went there so that Bigg Boss can benefit her singing career. But instead of showcasing her singing skills, she gave preference to glamour. She sings very well and I tried my best that her voice reaches the world.

Will Jasleen win the show?

It seems difficult. I feel either Romil or Megha would win. The latter is very sharp.

What about Deepak and Dipika?

Deepak is immature. He is focusing too much on music while he should concentrate on the game too. He does what Romil tells him to, he doesn’t apply his mind.

Dipika’s true colour has come out in open. And I feel uska asar kam ho gaya hai.

So, who has impressed you the most? Who should leave the house immediately?

Romil is the best right now. Megha will get there soon. Deepak doesn’t have his individuality as he follows Romil. Shiv is just there for masti. Sreesanth needs to play or he should pack bags. Surbhi should leave immediately as she’s spoiling it for others with her loud ways and sensitive people do not like her. Somi is quite sharp, she will go far. Now that Karanvir is out of Dipika’s shadow, he should start playing. I have told Jasleen that she should now play herself.

There were reports that you stay in the house was fixed and you had a concert lined up.

Bekaar ki baat hai. I am bound by my contract till December 31. If they send me back to the house, I will go. I had instructed by office to cancel all concerts till January 3. If they don’t call me for a week or ten days, I will start doing my concerts.

Any changes in you after the Bigg Boss 12?

I keep looking for my mike and have forgotten how to use a phone. I feel like doing household chores myself but my staff doesn’t let me do it.

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