Apple Declines Latest Update for Bitcoin Wallet Zeus

Apple Declines Latest Update for Bitcoin Wallet Zeus

Apple Declines Latest Update for Bitcoin Wallet Zeus

Apple Rejects Latest Version of Zeus Bitcoin Wallet, Requests Additional Documentation

Apple Declines Latest Update for Bitcoin Wallet Zeus

Apple has declined the latest version of the Zeus app, a Lightning Network-enabled Bitcoin wallet that operates as a non-custodial platform. This rejection comes shortly after Apple issued a warning about removing another Bitcoin-related app, Damus.

According to a tweet from Evan Kaloudis, the founder of Zeus, Apple stated, “Your app facilitates the transmission of a virtual currency but was not submitted by a corresponding exchange or recognized financial institution.” The company further requested that Zeus provide documentary evidence demonstrating the necessary licenses and permissions to distribute an app with cryptocurrency exchange features in all current locations where the app is available.

Zeus is currently in discussions with Apple to seek approval. It is important to note that Zeus does not offer cryptocurrency exchange features but rather facilitates payments through a non-custodial wallet. Tether’s Chief Technology Officer, Paolo Ardoino, suggests that pushing back on Apple’s concerns regarding being non-custodial should be relatively straightforward since the app primarily serves as a software interface. The previous version of the Zeus app remains accessible on the App Store.

The rejection of the latest version of the Zeus app by Apple follows closely on the heels of Apple’s warning to Damus regarding its “zaps” feature, which allows for Bitcoin tipping. Damus has been instructed to remove the zaps functionality from all content sections, although it can still be maintained at the profile level. William Casarin, the core developer of Damus, expressed his intention to resubmit the app with the zaps feature in the future, as he believes it does not violate any guidelines.

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