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Ariana Madix Acted Like She Didn’t Know Who Raquel Leviss Was

Ariana Madix Acted Like She Didn’t Know Who Raquel Leviss Was

Ariana Madix Acted Like She Didn’t Know Who Raquel Leviss Was When Asked About Vanderpump Rules Drama.

Ariana Madix Acted Like She Didn’t Know Who Raquel Leviss Was

Amidst all the Vanderpump Rules drama, there is a silver lining that reinforces the truth that Ariana Madix was born cool. In a show that has seen its fair share of problematic characters, Ariana stands out as the least problematic SURver. She has never been one to stir up trouble or engage in petty drama, instead choosing to focus on her own interests and goals.

Despite her cool demeanor, Ariana has not been immune to heartbreak. Her relationship with Tom Sandoval, a trumpet-playing loser, ended in a messy and painful manner after he was discovered to have been involved in a months-long affair. It’s clear that Ariana is better off without him as a boyfriend and even as a friend, considering the deception that occurred.

Throughout the chaos that Tom and Raquel Leviss have created in the Vanderpump Rules universe, Ariana has maintained her composure and acted like a true queen. She has continued to film the show while also trying to heal from the betrayal she experienced. In a move that further solidifies her boss b-tch status, Ariana has thrown a little bit of shade amidst the #Scandoval drama.

It’s no surprise that Ariana has come out of this situation looking like a true winner. Her cool and level-headed approach to life has always been admirable, and it’s no different now as she navigates through this difficult time. Despite the pain she has experienced, Ariana remains strong and focused on her own growth and happiness. She is a true inspiration to all of us.

Page Six recently reported that a reporter caught up with Ariana while she was grabbing a cup of coffee and inquired about the ongoing drama in Vanderpump Rules. Initially, the reporter asked Ariana if she was excited about the upcoming reunion, to which she responded with a cheeky tone, “What do you think?” At this point, it remains unclear whether Raquel Leviss or even Scheana Shay will be present at the reunion, but regardless of who shows up, it will undoubtedly be a challenging day for Ariana as she relives the pain caused by Sandoval. The question asked by the reporter was deemed unnecessary and rather pointless.

The conversation then turned to Raquel Leviss, and the camera person asked if Raquel had reached out to Ariana to apologize. In response, Ariana denied having any knowledge of whom the reporter was talking about, implying that she was not interested in discussing the issue any further. Ariana’s response was both sassy and poised, demonstrating her strength and composure during this difficult time. Despite the challenges, Ariana has shown tremendous grace and class, and she deserves nothing but the utmost respect and admiration.

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