Arizona Beauties Shake Things Up in Casa Amor on ‘Love Island USA’ Season 6

Arizona Beauties Shake Things Up in Casa Amor on 'Love Island USA' Season 6

Meet Destiny Herzog and Catherine Marshall, the Arizona contestants making waves in Casa Amor on ‘Love Island USA’ Season 6. Find out more about their backgrounds and the drama they bring to the villa.

Bollywood Fever: This season of “Love Island USA” brings a fresh wave of excitement with a new host, a new villa, and a captivating new cast. Casa Amor, known for its drama, introduces stunning new men and women to stir things up for the Islanders. Among them are two Arizona beauties, Destiny Herzog and Catherine Marshall, who are already making significant impacts.

Arizona Beauties Shake Things Up in Casa Amor on 'Love Island USA' Season 6

Meet Destiny Herzog on ‘Love Island USA’

Age: 22
Hometown/Current Residence: Scottsdale and Los Angeles
Occupation: Model
Instagram: @destinyherzog

Meet Destiny Herzog on 'Love Island USA'

Destiny Herzog is a 22-year-old model with a love for travel and music, frequently attending festivals. Born in Paris, she holds passports from the USA, Israel, and France. Despite her tendency to be late and miss flights, Destiny is determined and confident. She recently launched her modeling career in Los Angeles and walked the runway during Swim Week in Miami.

“I always walk in a room and all eyes are on me,” Destiny boldly stated in her introduction. Ready to capture the villa boys’ attention, she shared her diverse background and extensive travels, including visits to Bali, China, and Vietnam.

Meet Destiny Herzog on 'Love Island USA'

Villa villain Rob Rausch quickly took an interest in Destiny, constantly pulling her for chats and even revealing a self-proclaimed “curse” that the last two girls he coupled up with were voted off. Despite this, Destiny remains intrigued by Rob’s elusive nature, describing him as a “tough cookie” and finding herself more drawn to him because of his mysterious demeanor.

During a spin-the-bottle challenge, Destiny and Rob shared a steamy kiss, further intensifying their connection. Destiny identified Daniela as her biggest competition in the villa, but remains confident in her ability to win Rob’s attention.

Meet Catherine Marshall on ‘Love Island USA’

Age: 24
Hometown/Current Residence: Hillsboro, Oregon, and Fountain Hills, Arizona
Occupation: Personal Assistant
Instagram: @catherine.marshall

Meet Catherine Marshall on 'Love Island USA'

Catherine Marshall, 24, hails from Hillsboro, Oregon, and currently resides in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Her parents are from Puerto Rico, and she is of Dominican descent. Catherine values honesty and directness, traits influenced by her Aries zodiac sign. Fluent in English and Spanish, she often switches to Spanish when upset.

“I’m hoping that I can find someone who is passionate, caring, honest, and can keep up with my sex drive,” Catherine confidently stated in her introduction. Known for her vibrant personality, she quickly made an impression on the villa boys, particularly Kendall, who is currently coupled up with Nicole.

Meet Catherine Marshall on 'Love Island USA'

In one challenge, Catherine chose Kendall to suck his fingers, creating an electrifying moment that hinted at potential sparks between them. Her presence in the villa has added a new layer of excitement and unpredictability.

Casa Amor Duration and Filming Location

Casa Amor typically lasts three to four days but can extend to a week, depending on the showrunners. Season 6 of “Love Island USA” is filmed in the beautiful setting of Fiji.

Where to Watch ‘Love Island USA’ Season 6?

You can watch “Love Island USA” Season 6 exclusively on Peacock, with new episodes airing at 6 p.m. Pacific time and 9 p.m. Eastern time. Peacock offers a Premium Monthly plan for $5.99 or a Premium Annual plan for $19.99 for one year. The ad-free Premium Plus plan costs $11.99 per month or $119.99 per year. Additionally, Seasons 4 and 5 are available for catch-up on Peacock.

As the drama unfolds, will Destiny and Catherine secure their places in the “Love Island USA” final, or will their time be spent solely on the “Boys Holiday”? Stay tuned to find out!

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