Ben Willoughby Opens Up About Handling Criticism as Below Deck Season 11 Wraps Up

Ben Willoughby Opens Up About Handling Criticism as Below Deck Season 11 Wraps Up

As Below Deck’s eleventh season nears its end with only one episode to go, Bosun Ben Willoughby has shared his approach to handling backlash from fans.

Below Deck Season 11 has brought back various familiar cast members, replete with new drama, boatmances, and more. One such returning face is Ben, who first appeared in Season 10 and was promoted this season following Jared Woodin’s firing in episode 7.

However, Ben has faced significant criticism, with fans calling him out on multiple occasions. From his comments about relationships to age-shaming his coworkers, Ben has been at the center of numerous controversies.

Ben Willoughby Opens Up About Handling Criticism as Below Deck Season 11 Wraps Up

Recently, Ben took to Instagram to offer insight into how he deals with backlash, sharing behind-the-scenes info on the show via a series of stories.

When asked by a fan how he “copes” with the backlash this season has brought about, Ben revealed that “Ignorance is bliss.”

“There’s [no] point getting upset on how you are portrayed, as long as you know your truths,” Ben wrote, though he admitted he considered it a “shame” that certain “details get cut” from the show during editing.

As an example of the details he was referring to, Ben added, “I would put Xandi to [bed] every night out, nobody else would even bother with her once the booze took over… it’s these things we don’t see unfortunately, these are true character traits.”

Despite the backlash, Ben revealed in a separate story that he doesn’t have “any regrets” about his time on the show, saying, “That’s who you are at that specific moment in time. Maybe course alterations perhaps in hindsight.”

Season 11 of Below Deck will conclude on May 27 with the 17th episode marking the finale. Titled “End of the Line,” it promises some big moments as Ben goes head-to-head with Captain Kerry yet again, with Kerry promising “consequences” for “blatant disrespect.”

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