Billionaire John Paulson Engaged Amid Divorce Battle and High-Profile Fundraising

Billionaire John Paulson Engaged Amid Divorce Battle and High-Profile Fundraising

Billionaire John Paulson announces engagement to Alina de Almeida amidst ongoing divorce with Jenny Zaharia and hosts a high-profile Trump fundraiser at their Palm Beach mansion.

John Paulson, the billionaire, has announced his engagement to Alina de Almeida, marking an end to his single status. The 68-year-old financier, known for his impressive financial maneuvers, recently proposed to his 35-year-old partner, amidst ongoing divorce proceedings with his former spouse, Jenny Zaharia. The couple had been married from 2001 to 2021.

Billionaire John Paulson Engaged Amid Divorce Battle and High-Profile Fundraising

Paulson’s relationship with the younger dietitian began in 2021, and sources close to the couple have expressed their happiness and confirmed the engagement to Page Six. Despite de Almeida being referred to as Paulson’s fiancée in a Bloomberg interview, the presence of an engagement ring had yet to be confirmed publicly.

A source mentioned, “The term ‘fiancée’ has been used among friends, but it’s uncertain if a ring has been seen.” They added that Paulson is keeping the engagement low-key to avoid exacerbating tensions with Zaharia, especially concerning when the engagement ring might be revealed.

However, during a recent fundraising event for Donald Trump, hosted by Paulson and de Almeida at their Palm Beach mansion, de Almeida was seen wearing a significant diamond ring. This event, expected to raise $43 million for Trump’s political efforts, showcased the couple’s influence and financial support for the Republican party.

Their Palm Beach home, valued at $100 million and featuring luxurious amenities and ocean views, served as the venue for this high-profile event, which also saw attendance from former First Lady Melania Trump. The fundraiser offered high-tier donations, with chairman level tickets selling for up to $814,600, offering exclusive perks with the former president.

Amidst this new chapter, Paulson continues to face legal challenges from his ongoing divorce with Zaharia. Accusations have flown from both sides, with Zaharia’s lawyers contesting Paulson’s handling of assets and him labeling her claims as driven by greed. The dispute includes allegations of Paulson transferring significant sums into secret trusts, potentially affecting their daughters’ inheritance. Legal representatives for Paulson have denied any wrongful transfer of assets, while Zaharia’s counsel accuses him of financial maneuvers to his benefit, heightening the drama surrounding their split.

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