Border-Gavaskar Trophy History, Stats, Schedule 2023

Border-Gavaskar Trophy History, Stats, Schedule 2023

Border-Gavaskar Trophy History, Stats, Schedule 2023

The Border-Gavaskar Trophy resumes as Australia visits India for 4 Tests from Feb 9 to Mar 9. This marks Australia’s first tour of India since India won the 4-match series 2-1 in 2017.

Since then, India has won twice in Australia, with the most recent series victory being memorable due to Rishabh Pant’s heroics in chasing over 300 runs at The Gabba.

The series is expected to be highly competitive as both teams are in good form and could meet again in the World Test Championship final at The Oval, London in June.

Australia has won 10 of their last 15 Tests, losing just once, while India has won 8 of 14.

Border-Gavaskar Trophy History, Stats, Schedule 2023
Border-Gavaskar Trophy History, Stats, Schedule 2023

Border-Gavaskar Trophy Schedule 2023

First TestFebruary 9 – February 13, 09:00 AM IST 01:30 PM AESTVCA Stadium, Nagpur
Second TestFebruary 17 – February 21, 09:00 AM IST 01:30 PM AESTArun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi
Third TestMarch 1 – March 5, 09:00 AM IST 01:30 PM AESTHPCA Stadium, Dharamsala
Fourth TestMarch 9 – March 13, 09:00 AM 01:30 PM AESTNarendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad

Border-Gavaskar Trophy Stats

From 1996 to 2021 India and Australia have played 52 Test matches in Border-Gavaskar Trophy.

In 52 Matches India have won 22 matches, lost 19, and drawn 11. On the other hand Australia won 19 matches, lost 22, and drawn 11.

India’s win percentage is 42.3 and Australia’s 36.53, draw percentage is 21.15.

Stats courtesy ESPN

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Border-Gavaskar Trophy History, Stats, Schedule 2023
Border-Gavaskar Trophy History, Stats, Schedule 2023

Border-Gavaskar Trophy Year-wise Stats

Series 1996 Match 1October 10-13, 1996India7 Wickets
Series 1998 Match 1Mar 6-10, 1998India179 Runs
Series 1998 Match 2Mar 18-21, 1998IndiaInnings & 2019 Runs
Series 1998 Match 3Mar 25-28, 1998Australia8 Wickets
Series 1999 Match 1Dec 10-14, 1999Australia285 Runs
Series 1999 Match 2Dec 26-30, 1999Australia180 Runs
Series 1999 Match 3Jan 2-4, 2000AustraliaInnings & 141 Runs
Series 2001 Match 1Feb 27-Mar 1, 2001Australia 10 Wickets
Series 2001 Match 2Mar 11-15, 2001India171 Runs
Series 2001 Match 3Mar 18-22, 2001India 2 Wickets
Series 2003 Match 1Dec 4-8, 2003Drawn
Series 2003 Match 2Dec 12-16, 2003India 4 Wickets
Series 2003 Match 3Dec 26-30, 2003Australia9 Wickets
Series 2003 Match 4Jan 2-6, 2004Drawn
Series 2004 Match 1Oct 6-10, 2004Australia 217 Runs
Series 2004 Match 2Oct 14-18, 2004Drawn
Series 2004 Match 3Oct 26-29, 2004Australia342 Runs
Series 2004 Match 4Nov 3-5, 2004India13 Runs
Series 2007 Match 1Dec 26-29, 2007Australia337 Runs
Series 2007 Match 2Jan 2-6, 2008Australia 122 Runs
Series 2007 Match 3Jan 16-19, 2008India72 Runs
Series 2007 Match 4Jan 24-28, 2008Drawn
Series 2008 Match 1Oct 9-13, 2008Drawn
Series 2008 Match 2Oct 17-21, 2008India320 Runs
Series 2008 Match 3Oct 29-Nov 2, 2008Drawn
Series 2008 Match 4Nov 6-10, 2008India 172 Runs
Series 2010 Match 1Oct 1-5, 2010India1 Wicket
Series 2010 Match 2Oct 9-13, 2010India7 Wickets
Series 2011 Match 1Dec 26-29, 2011Australia 122 Runs
Series 2011 Match 2Jan 3-6, 2012AustraliaInnings & 68 Runs
Series 2011 Match 3Jan 13-15, 2012AustraliaInnings & 37 Runs
Series 2011 Match 4Jan 24-28, 2012Australia 298 Runs
Series 2013 Match 1Feb 22-26, 2013India8 Wickets
Series 2013 Match 2Mar 2-5, 2013IndiaInnings & 135 Runs
Series 2013 Match 3Mar 14-18, 2013India6 Wickets
Series 2013 Match 4Mar 22-24, 2013India6 Wickets
Series 2014 Match 1Dec 9-13, 2014Australia48 Runs
Series 2014 Match 2Dec 17-20, 2014Australia4 Wickets
Series 2014 Match 3Dec 26-30, 2014Drawn
Series 2014 Match 4Jan 6-10, 2015Drawn
Series 2017 Match 1Feb 23-25, 2017Australia333 Runs
Series 2017 Match 2Mar 4-7, 2017India75 Runs
Series 2017 Match 3Mar 16-20, 2017Drawn
Series 2017 Match 4Mar 25-28, 2017India8 Wickets
Series 2018 Match 1Dec 6-10, 2018India 31 Runs
Series 2018 Match 2Dec 14-18, 2018Australia146 Runs
Series 2018 Match 3Dec 26-30, 2018India 137 Runs
Series 2018 Match 4Jan 3-7, 2019Drawn
Series 2020 Match 1Dec 17-19, 2020Australia8 Wickets
Series 2020 Match 2Dec 26-29, 2020India8 Wickets
Series 2020 Match 3Jan 7-11, 2021Drawn
Series 2020 Match 4Jan 15-19, 2021India3 Wickets

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Border-Gavaskar Trophy Series-Wise Results

Border-Gavaskar Trophy (Australia in India)1996/97India1-0 (1)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (Australia in India)1997/98India2-1 (3)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (India in Australia)1999/00Australia3-0 (3)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (Australia in India)2000/01India2-1 (3)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (India in Australia)2003/04drawn1-1 (4)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (Australia in India)2004/05Australia2-1 (4)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (India in Australia)2007/08Australia2-1 (4)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (Australia in India)2008/09India2-0 (4)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (Australia in India)2010/11India2-0 (2)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (India in Australia)2011/12Australia4-0 (4)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (Australia in India)2012/13India4-0 (4)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (India in Australia)2014/15Australia2-0 (4)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (Australia in India)2016/17India2-1 (4)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (India in Australia)2018/19India2-1 (4)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy (India in Australia)2020/21India2-1 (4)
Border-Gavaskar Trophy History, Stats, Schedule 2023
Border-Gavaskar Trophy History, Stats, Schedule 2023

Most Runs in Border-Gavaskar Trophy

SR Tendulkar (IND)1996-2013346573262241*56.24549359.38916439125
RT Ponting (AUS)1996-201229514255525754.36442857.7081242784
VVS Laxman (IND)1998-201229545243428149.67448054.3361233380
R Dravid (IND)1996-201232606214323339.68543239.4521332664
MJ Clarke (AUS)2004-2014224022049329*53.92362256.5776222714
CA Pujara (IND)2010-202120372189320454.08446942.3551032083
ML Hayden (AUS)2001-200818353188820359.00286465.9268221424
SPD Smith (AUS)2013-202114284174219272.58316355.078511859
V Sehwag (IND)2003-201322431173819541.38231175.2039323011
V Kohli (IND)2011-202020361168216948.05320452.497531905
SC Ganguly (IND)1996-200824444140314435.07266852.582721626
M Vijay (IND)2008-201815280132416747.28271748.7346215615
DA Warner (AUS)2011-202118340114818033.76165169.5343214110
AM Rahane (IND)2013-202117323109014737.58209352.072521179
SM Katich (AUS)2003-201014263108812547.30209152.032601281
MEK Hussey (AUS)2007-2012142421078150*49.00223948.143421062
JL Langer (AUS)1999-200414260104722340.26180458.033431398
SR Waugh (AUS)1996-200413232100515047.85228344.022521272
MS Dhoni (IND)2007-20141933599022435.35164260.2915210216
AC Gilchrist (AUS)1999-20081831280912227.89105276.902349210
SR Watson (AUS)2008-20151325077812631.12164347.35151925
DR Martyn (AUS)2003-2004815169811449.85138050.57231744
G Gambhir (IND)2004-2012918067320637.38141847.46222782
RR Pant (IND)2018-20217122624159*62.4086572.13120619
ME Waugh (AUS)1996-200110183615153*41.00129047.67143617
SE Marsh (AUS)2011-2019152706059922.40151539.93054684
KL Rahul (IND)2014-2019916158011038.66111552.01161724
TD Paine (AUS)2010-2021101825619235.06121746.09040710
MA Starc (AUS)2012-2021152355289929.3385361.89030538
A Kumble (IND)1996-2008203065128721.33128939.72012591
MJ Slater (AUS)1996-2001101914959127.5092653.45023657
MS Wade (AUS)2013-2021112224826224.10113042.65022552
EJM Cowan (AUS)2011-201381404718633.64113841.38030591
M Labuschagne (AUS)2019-202159046410851.5594549.10120530
R Ashwin (IND)2011-2021182934576217.5792749.29022532
CJL Rogers (AUS)2008-201551004369543.6071660.89060600
BJ Haddin (AUS)2008-2015132264295526.8190347.50012418
A Symonds (AUS)2007-2008471410162*68.3356772.31120476
Harbhajan Singh (IND)1998-2013182964106317.8279051.89046472
RG Sharma (IND)2014-2021714140863*31.3885647.660313810
RA Jadeja (IND)2013-2021121633878129.7664360.18040398
MG Johnson (AUS)2007-2014142263768823.5061760.94022488
S Dhawan (IND)2013-201447035418750.5744679.37111502
M Azharuddin (IND)1996-1998472349163*69.8061856.47110424
NR Mongia (IND)1996-2001611334815243.5079543.77111422
NS Sidhu (IND)1998-19983503419768.2060955.99040477
PA Patel (IND)2003-200471113166231.6065148.54021480
PSP Handscomb (AUS)2017-2019713130372*25.2576639.55010370
MS Harris (AUS)2018-202151013017933.4460250.00020370
TM Head (AUS)2018-202061002997229.9071241.99020250

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Most Wickets

A Kumble (IND)1996-200820381086.018133661118/14113/18130.323.0958.7102
Harbhajan Singh (IND)1998-20131835967.41722846958/8415/21729.952.9461.173
NM Lyon (AUS)2011-202122411039.51543267948/5012/28634.753.1466.371
R Ashwin (IND)2011-202118341027.22132802897/10312/19831.482.7269.251
RA Jadeja (IND)2013-20211222533.01411188636/639/17818.852.2250.730
Z Khan (IND)2001-20121934642.51132171615/918/13735.593.3763.230
I Sharma (IND)2008-20182546788.11392490594/417/11742.203.1580.100
B Lee (AUS)1999-20081224504.4931695535/477/7831.983.3557.120
GD McGrath (AUS)1996-20041122426.2157951515/4810/10318.642.2350.121
JR Hazlewood (AUS)2014-20211528541.11601374516/677/14226.942.5363.640
MG Johnson (AUS)2007-20141428554.11021833505/646/15936.663.3066.510
UT Yadav (IND)2011-20201426442.1621769485/937/17636.854.0055.210
PJ Cummins (AUS)2017-20211018384.11001052436/279/9924.462.7353.610
JN Gillespie (AUS)2001-20041020398.31051094435/569/8025.442.7455.610
MA Starc (AUS)2012-20211528476.4971570424/535/10337.383.2968.000
SK Warne (AUS)1998-20041222586.11301801426/1256/11342.883.0783.710
PM Siddle (AUS)2008-20141018305.2671019385/496/8526.813.3348.220
BW Hilfenhaus (AUS)2010-2012612250.055726335/758/9722.002.9045.420
JJ Bumrah (IND)2018-2021714274.577680326/339/8621.252.4751.510
Mohammed Shami (IND)2014-2020815280.147997316/566/13632.163.5554.220
AB Agarkar (IND)1999-2004917319.5571172306/418/16039.063.6663.910
JL Pattinson (AUS)2011-201359154.034507205/966/10825.353.2946.210
J Srinath (IND)1998-2001611203.334717204/1306/12435.853.5261.000
SNJ O’Keefe (AUS)2017-201747179.136442196/3512/7023.262.4656.521
MS Kasprowicz (AUS)1998-2004916289.368830195/286/10443.682.8691.410
SR Watson (AUS)2008-20151320225.245645174/425/8437.942.8679.500
RJ Harris (AUS)2012-2015510204.058513164/706/10032.062.5176.500
SR Clark (AUS)2007-2008612219.061556164/286/10634.752.5382.100
PP Ojha (IND)2010-201348221.548587163/576/17736.682.6483.100
A Mishra (IND)2008-200836122.029337145/717/10624.072.7652.210
MJ Clarke (AUS)2004-20142220164.425501146/96/935.783.0470.510
IK Pathan (IND)2003-2008611194.027663143/545/11747.353.4183.100
SCG MacGill (AUS)2003-200448194.429711144/865/13850.783.6583.400
DW Fleming (AUS)1999-200148126.229378135/308/10029.072.9958.310
Mohammed Siraj (IND)2020-202136134.232384135/736/15029.532.8562.010
M Kartik (IND)2004-200436118.316418134/447/7632.153.5254.600
RP Singh (IND)2007-200847117.515507134/686/16339.004.3054.300
JJ Krejza (AUS)2008-20081274.54358128/21512/35829.834.7837.411
GR Robertson (AUS)1998-199835111.413413124/725/8634.413.6955.800
NM Hauritz (AUS)2004-201036117.013493113/165/10344.814.2163.800
BKV Prasad (IND)1996-200159165.042510113/184/5246.363.0990.000
V Sehwag (IND)2003-20132225201.422603105/1045/11860.302.99121.010
Kuldeep Yadav (IND)2017-20192359.5919095/995/9921.113.1739.810
A Symonds (AUS)2007-20084891.01924793/513/7027.442.7160.600
B Kumar (IND)2013-2017611125.31747593/313/6052.773.7883.600
GB Hogg (AUS)1996-200847142.01855092/514/13361.113.8794.600
ME Waugh (AUS)1996-2001101191.0833483/403/4041.753.6768.200
SLV Raju (IND)1998-200148167.03741883/316/8552.252.50125.200
SR Tendulkar (IND)1996-20133424127.2847383/313/3859.123.7195.500
Border-Gavaskar Trophy History, Stats, Schedule 2023
Border-Gavaskar Trophy History, Stats, Schedule 2023

Border-Gavaskar Trophy Highest Scores

PlayerRunsMinsBalls4s6sTeamOppositionGroundMatch Date
MJ Clarke329*609468391Australiav IndiaSydney3 Jan 2012
VVS Laxman281631452440Indiav AustraliaEden Gardens11 Mar 2001
RT Ponting257590458250Australiav IndiaMelbourne26 Dec 2003
RT Ponting242508352310Australiav IndiaAdelaide12 Dec 2003
SR Tendulkar241*613436330Indiav AustraliaSydney2 Jan 2004
R Dravid233594446231Indiav AustraliaAdelaide12 Dec 2003
MS Dhoni224365265246Indiav AustraliaChennai22 Feb 2013
JL Langer223523355300Australiav IndiaSydney2 Jan 2000
RT Ponting221516404210Australiav IndiaAdelaide24 Jan 2012
SR Tendulkar214547363222Indiav AustraliaBengaluru9 Oct 2010
MJ Clarke210380275261Australiav IndiaAdelaide24 Jan 2012
G Gambhir206550380261Indiav AustraliaDelhi29 Oct 2008
CA Pujara204450341301Indiav AustraliaHyderabad2 Mar 2013
ML Hayden203474320156Australiav IndiaChennai18 Mar 2001
CA Pujara202672525210Indiav AustraliaRanchi16 Mar 2017
VVS Laxman200*465301210Indiav AustraliaDelhi29 Oct 2008
V Sehwag195312233255Indiav AustraliaMelbourne26 Dec 2003
CA Pujara193373220Indiav AustraliaSydney3 Jan 2019
SPD Smith192433305152Australiav IndiaMelbourne26 Dec 2014
S Dhawan187250174332Indiav AustraliaMohali14 Mar 2013
R Dravid180446353200Indiav AustraliaEden Gardens11 Mar 2001
DA Warner180261159205Australiav IndiaPerth13 Jan 2012
SPD Smith178*512361170Australiav IndiaRanchi16 Mar 2017
VVS Laxman178403298300Indiav AustraliaSydney2 Jan 2004
SR Tendulkar177298207293Indiav AustraliaBengaluru25 Mar 1998
V Kohli169380272180Indiav AustraliaMelbourne26 Dec 2014
VVS Laxman167255198270Indiav AustraliaSydney2 Jan 2000
M Vijay167473361232Indiav AustraliaHyderabad2 Mar 2013
M Azharuddin163*311246183Indiav AustraliaEden Gardens18 Mar 1998
A Symonds162*344226182Australiav IndiaSydney2 Jan 2008
SPD Smith162*298231210Australiav IndiaAdelaide9 Dec 2014
RR Pant159*189151Indiav AustraliaSydney3 Jan 2019
SR Tendulkar155*286191144Indiav AustraliaChennai6 Mar 1998
V Sehwag155356221210Indiav AustraliaChennai14 Oct 2004
SR Tendulkar154*429243141Indiav AustraliaSydney2 Jan 2008
ME Waugh153*375267134Australiav IndiaBengaluru25 Mar 1998
SR Tendulkar153342205133Indiav AustraliaAdelaide24 Jan 2008
M Vijay153412317193Indiav AustraliaMohali14 Mar 2013
NR Mongia152497366181Indiav AustraliaDelhi10 Oct 1996
MJ Clarke151341248184Australiav IndiaBengaluru6 Oct 2004
V Sehwag151354236112Indiav AustraliaAdelaide24 Jan 2008
MEK Hussey150*306253161Australiav IndiaSydney3 Jan 2012
SR Waugh150402323170Australiav IndiaAdelaide10 Dec 1999
VVS Laxman148356282180Indiav AustraliaAdelaide12 Dec 2003
AM Rahane147240171210Indiav AustraliaMelbourne26 Dec 2014
V Kohli147315230200Indiav AustraliaSydney6 Jan 2015
MEK Hussey146402276151Australiav IndiaBengaluru9 Oct 2008
MEK Hussey145*340259160Australiav IndiaSydney2 Jan 2008
DA Warner145253163190Australiav IndiaAdelaide9 Dec 2014

Best Bowling Figures in an Innings

PlayerOversMdnsRunsWktsEconTeamOppositionGroundMatch Date
NM Lyon22.245082.23Australiav IndiaBengaluru4 Mar 2017
Harbhajan Singh41.5208482.00Indiav AustraliaChennai18 Mar 2001
A Kumble46.5714183.01Indiav AustraliaSydney2 Jan 2004
JJ Krejza43.5121584.90Australiav IndiaNagpur6 Nov 2008
A Kumble17.344872.74Indiav AustraliaChennai14 Oct 2004
NM Lyon23.249474.02Australiav IndiaDelhi22 Mar 2013
R Ashwin42.01210372.45Indiav AustraliaChennai22 Feb 2013
Harbhajan Singh37.5712373.25Indiav AustraliaEden Gardens11 Mar 2001
Harbhajan Singh38.2613373.46Indiav AustraliaChennai18 Mar 2001
NM Lyon34.1515274.44Australiav IndiaAdelaide9 Dec 2014
MJ Clarke6.20961.42Australiav IndiaWankhede3 Nov 2004
PJ Cummins11.032762.45Australiav IndiaMelbourne26 Dec 2018
JJ Bumrah15.543362.08Indiav AustraliaMelbourne26 Dec 2018
SNJ O’Keefe13.123562.65Australiav IndiaPune23 Feb 2017
SNJ O’Keefe15.043562.33Australiav IndiaPune23 Feb 2017
AB Agarkar16.224162.51Indiav AustraliaAdelaide12 Dec 2003
R Ashwin12.444163.23Indiav AustraliaBengaluru4 Mar 2017
Mohammed Shami24.085662.33Indiav AustraliaPerth14 Dec 2018
RA Jadeja21.416362.90Indiav AustraliaBengaluru4 Mar 2017
JR Hazlewood24.056762.79Australiav IndiaBengaluru4 Mar 2017
Harbhajan Singh30.387362.39Indiav AustraliaEden Gardens11 Mar 2001
Harbhajan Singh30.157862.58Indiav AustraliaBengaluru6 Oct 2004
A Kumble41.389862.36Indiav AustraliaBengaluru25 Mar 1998
NM Lyon42.0712262.90Australiav IndiaAdelaide6 Dec 2018
SK Warne42.3512562.94Australiav IndiaChennai14 Oct 2004
A Kumble47.0813362.82Indiav AustraliaChennai14 Oct 2004
A Kumble51.0817663.45Indiav AustraliaMelbourne26 Dec 2003

Most Catches

R Dravid (IND)1996-201232604630.766
VVS Laxman (IND)1998-201229543630.666
RT Ponting (AUS)1996-201229573630.631
MJ Clarke (AUS)2004-201422432930.674
ML Hayden (AUS)2001-200818362340.638
SPD Smith (AUS)2013-202114272230.814
V Sehwag (IND)2003-201322412230.536
MEK Hussey (AUS)2007-201214282030.714
V Kohli (IND)2011-202020382020.526
ME Waugh (AUS)1996-200110191941.000
AM Rahane (IND)2013-202117341920.558
SR Tendulkar (IND)1996-201334641830.281
M Vijay (IND)2008-201815301420.466
DA Warner (AUS)2011-202118341420.411
CA Pujara (IND)2010-202120401320.325
PSP Handscomb (AUS)2017-20197121231.000
EJM Cowan (AUS)2011-20138151230.800
SC Ganguly (IND)1996-200824461220.260
A Chopra (IND)2003-20046121030.833
SR Waugh (AUS)1996-200413251020.400
JL Langer (AUS)1999-200414281020.357
NM Lyon (AUS)2011-202122421020.238
SK Warne (AUS)1998-20041223930.391
SR Watson (AUS)2008-20151325930.360
SE Marsh (AUS)2011-20191528910.321
MA Starc (AUS)2012-20211529910.310
R Ashwin (IND)2011-20211835920.257
A Kumble (IND)1996-20082038910.236
M Azharuddin (IND)1996-199848821.000
Yuvraj Singh (IND)2004-200848821.000
RG Sharma (IND)2014-2021714830.571
AJ Finch (AUS)2018-201836741.166
MA Agarwal (IND)2018-2021510720.700
J Srinath (IND)1998-2001611720.636
SM Katich (AUS)2003-20101428720.250
I Sharma (IND)2008-20182547710.148
M Kaif (IND)2004-200436641.000
UT Khawaja (AUS)2018-201947620.857
MS Harris (AUS)2018-202159620.666
RA Jadeja (IND)2013-20211224610.250
SS Das (IND)2001-200136520.833
S Dhawan (IND)2013-201448520.625
C Green (AUS)2020-202148520.625
MS Wade (AUS)2013-2021118510.625
DR Martyn (AUS)2003-2004816520.312
Harbhajan Singh (IND)1998-20131835510.142
Border-Gavaskar Trophy History, Stats, Schedule 2023
Border-Gavaskar Trophy History, Stats, Schedule 2023

The Amazing History Of Border-Gavaskar Trophy

The Border-Gavaskar Trophy is a Test cricket series between India and Australia organized by the International Cricket Council’s future tours. 

As of January 2021, India holds the trophy after defeating Australia 2-1 in the 2020-21 series, with one match drawn. In the event of a drawn series, the team holding the trophy retains it. 

The trophy is named after former captains Allan Border of Australia and Sunil Gavaskar of India. Since the competition’s inception in 1996, Sachin Tendulkar of India holds the record for the most runs scored (3262) in 65 innings, while Indian bowler Anil Kumble is the most successful with 111 wickets in 20 matches at an average of 30.32.

Before the Border–Gavaskar Trophy, India and Australia had played each other 50 times in Tests in a 49-year period from 1947 to 1996. 

Australia was the first country India toured soon after their Independence. 

However, during the period, the tours between both the countries were not fixed like The Ashes, with both countries often touring each other after more than 10–15 years.

The Border-Gavaskar Trophy represents intense cricketing contests between India and Australia. The significance of the series is heightened by Australia’s quest to beat India in a Test match series on Indian soil, which they had not accomplished since 1969-70 until their victory in the 2004-05 series. India has earned a reputation for being tough to beat at home, having lost only two Test series since 1986-87. 

On the other hand, India had never won a Test series in Australia until the 2018-19 series, which was followed by their winning streak in the 2020-21 series, thereby retaining the trophy for two consecutive editions away from home. 

The series between the two nations is highly competitive, as evidenced by India’s ending of Australia’s 16 consecutive Test wins in both 2000-01 and 2007-08. 

Matches in India are often referred to as the “final frontier” or an “iconic event.” The Test series in India in 2000-01, dubbed the “final frontier” by Steve Waugh, lived up to its name and resulted in India overpowering Australia in the final session of the last Test in Chennai, marking one of the closest results in decades. 

The series also saw the emergence of three star cricketers in Hayden, Harbhajan, and Laxman, who rose to prominence during the series and their rivalries with Australian bowlers and Hayden, respectively, are considered among the most thrilling player matchups in a Test series of cricket. 

The series was played amidst the mourning of the legendary Sir Donald Bradman, who was eagerly anticipating the series and held high expectations for both teams. 

The competitiveness of the series under the trophy is reflected in the approximate equal number of Test wins for each side.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Who currently holds the Border-Gavaskar Trophy?

In 2021, India visited Australia and won the Border-Gavaskar Trophy and created History.

Why is the Border-Gavaskar Trophy so important?

The Border-Gavaskar Trophy represents intense cricketing contests between India and Australia. The significance of the series is heightened by Australia’s quest to beat India in a Test match series on Indian soil, which they had not accomplished since 1969-70 until their victory in the 2004-05 series. India has earned a reputation for being tough to beat at home, having lost only two Test series since 1986-87. 

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