British Airways Flight Struck by Lightning, Diverted to Gatwick

British Airways Crew Face Dismissal Over Fat-Shaming Colleague in WhatsApp Group

British Airways Flight BA919 from Stuttgart to Heathrow was struck by lightning, forcing a diversion to Gatwick. Passengers shared their ‘shock’ after the incident.

Bollywood Fever: A British Airways plane was struck by lightning during its approach to Heathrow Airport, causing a dramatic diversion to Gatwick.

Passengers on board Flight BA919 from Stuttgart to Heathrow described their ‘shock’ after the incident, which occurred shortly before the flight’s scheduled arrival. The flight left Germany just after 1 pm local time (12 pm BST) and was due to land at Heathrow at 1:40 pm.

British Airways Crew Face Dismissal Over Fat-Shaming Colleague in WhatsApp Group

However, the lightning strike forced the pilots to make a swift decision to divert to Gatwick, where the passengers arrived safely at around 2 pm. Following the unexpected landing, passengers were then transported by bus to Heathrow.

While incidents of aircraft being struck by lightning are rare, they are typically managed safely by experienced flight crews and robust aircraft design. British Airways has yet to issue an official statement regarding the event.

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