Brock Lesnar Returns To WWE, Why? Here Is The Real Reason

Brock Lesnar Returns To WWE, Why? Here Is The Real Reason

Brock Lesnar Returns To WWE, Why? Here Is The Real Reason

It was at Summerslam 2021, Brock stunned one and all by making his blockbuster return.

Beast IncarnateBrock Lesnar is currently having a great time in the WWE.

He has always been very influential, and even today, his name has been used to attract millions of people.

Many think Brock’s current version is the coolest and cool (compared to previous races) and he throws funny promo.

But did you know, Brock had no intention of returning to the ring? Keep reading to learn more.

It was in Summerslam 2021, Brock surprised one by returning his blockbuster.

He came out looking new, with Viking hair, a ponytail, and a beard.

The new-looking beast has left everyone stunned including Roman Reigns and to this day, we all know how successful Brock’s current success has been.

Interestingly, Brock Lesnar had made up his mind to retire when he lost the match against Drew McIntyre in Wrestlemania 36.

He thought that his career reached a full circle in WM 36.

Speaking to The Michael Kay Show (h / t – Wrestling Inc.), Brock Lesnar said, “When I was younger I thought ah, I’m going to want to retire when I’m 40.

My contract expired in 2020, I think. So a circle full of Brock Lesnar’s story; I had my first pro wrestling match in Hamel, Minnesota in the garage in front of people.

And 20 years later, at the WWE Heavyweight Champion of the world, I had my last wrestling match in a public park. So 20 years, a full cycle, a complete transformation. And I said ‘okay, okay, I’m out.

When asked what prompted Brock Lesnar to return to the ring, our world champion WWE heavyweight champion replied, “No-Ching (cash).”

Well, that’s a ‘Brock’ish’ way of responding frankly and that’s why we love him!

Meanwhile, Lesnar is ready to fight Roman Reigns (universal champion) in Wrestlemania 38 in a championship match vs. champion match.

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