BTB Savage killed hours after mocking dead ‘opp’

BTB Savage killed hours after mocking dead ‘opp’

BTB Savage killed hours after mocking dead ‘opp’


  • BTB Savage killed hours after mocking dead ‘opp’
  • On Thursday, BTB Savage mocked the robbers he killed in his home months ago. Hours later, he was gunned down near River Oaks.
  • Based on video footage of the aftermath that surfaced on social media, BTB Savage may have sustained multiple gunshot wounds as his Mercedes-Benz was riddled with bullet holes from what may have been several assault rifles.
BTB Savage killed hours after mocking dead ‘opp’

BTB Savage killed hours after mocking dead ‘opp’

Budding rapper BTB Savage met a tragic end in Houston’s River Oaks neighborhood on Thursday evening. The incident occurred just hours after he had mocked an enemy, whom he was connected to, on social media. The victim was shot and killed in a coordinated ambush that took place on San Felipe Street.

While details about the shooting are still scant, reports indicate that BTB Savage was in his white Mercedes-Benz, parked on the side of the road, when a black Subaru pulled up beside him. Two unidentified gunmen got out of the vehicle and opened fire, resulting in fatal gunshot wounds to the rapper.

Video footage of the aftermath, which surfaced on social media, suggests that BTB Savage sustained multiple gunshot wounds. His Mercedes-Benz was riddled with bullet holes, possibly from several assault rifles.

Just hours before the shooting, BTB Savage was flaunting his expensive wristwatch on social media. The pictures he posted were taken in a kitchenette stained with dry blood, supposedly from a robbery that occurred at his home several months ago. During a recent interview, he revealed that he and his girlfriend were targeted by robbers who entered his home under the pretext of seeking a collaboration. However, things turned violent when the robbers attempted to steal from the rapper. In the ensuing scuffle, BTB Savage’s girlfriend shot and killed at least one of the suspects.

It remains unclear if the fatal shooting at BTB Savage’s home was connected to his eventual demise. At the time of publication, the suspects were still at large.

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