Camila Cabello blasts paparazzi over beach photos: “I’ve never had worse times”

Camila Cabello blasts paparazzi over beach photos

Camila Cabello blasts paparazzi over beach photos: “I’ve never had worse times”

Camila Cabello is taking aim at the paparazzi for ruining her Miami weekend beach.

In a long post , she claimed that she couldn’t breathe and held on to her core so tightly her “abs hurt” while paps took photos of her in a bikini.

Camila Cabello blasts paparazzi over beach photos

Cabello, 25, shared her feelings in a post.

She continued, “I had to remind myself that when it affected my self-esteem, I was thinking the thoughts of the culture and not mine.” 

“A culture that has become so accustomed to an image of a healthy woman’s body, it is totally not true for many women.”

Cabello, who is gearing up to release her third studio album, Familia on April 8, said that she was “a single woman in her 20s who is in the middle a s-t ton [album] promo” and just wanted to look “good.”

She explained that she had a new bikini and a cute outfit.

Camila Cabello blasts paparazzi over beach photos

Camila Cabello blasts paparazzi

“I held my core tight, my abs hurt so bad I couldn’t breathe. I was so conscious of where my paps were throughout the entire time that i couldn’t relax and do what nature calls me to do.

The “Fifth Harmony’ singer ended her message by telling her fans that her goal was “to get back to feeling like a 7-year-old me on the beaches” who was “happy and silly, breathing, pretending being a mermaid.

She said, “I have never had a better time at the beach.” I am not yet at the stage in my journey when I can’t give a damn about it.”

Cabello’s friends from fame were quick to respond in the comments section with love and support.

Kesha, 35 years old, wrote that “Ur is f-ing queen” and was perfect. “I also relate to my love for the patriarchy winning when we starve ourselves… NAH. We appreciate your honesty.

Lily Collins, actress of “Emily In Paris”, echoed this sentiment and wrote, “I feel for you and am sending all my love and positive vibes to your way.”

Camila Cabello blasts paparazzi over beach photos

Paris Hilton later admitted that she was moved by the post.

She added, “Thanks for writing this. It is so important for people hear.” You are beautiful from the inside out.

The “Senorita” singer is not afraid to share her struggles with body images. Cabello shared a clip entitled, “i love my body” last summer on TikTok.

She declared that “being at war with your body” was the last season, and told fans she was accepting her curves even though she was body-shamed while running.

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