Chloe Bailey’s ‘The Exorcism’ Journey: Firsts, Faith, and Filming with Russell Crowe

Chloe Bailey's 'The Exorcism' Journey: Firsts, Faith, and Filming with Russell Crowe

Chloe Bailey shares her experiences filming ‘The Exorcism,’ discussing spooky encounters, first-time moments, and her bond with co-star Russell Crowe. Now in UK theaters.

Bollywood Fever: Filming “The Exorcism” allowed Chloe Bailey to tick several items off her bucket list and experience some eerie moments during the production of this supernatural thriller.

The 25-year-old American star, known for her music duo Chloe x Halle alongside her sister Halle Bailey, has an impressive list of achievements. With multiple albums, numerous TV show appearances, and a cherished friendship with Beyoncé, Chloe has made her mark in the entertainment industry.

Despite her extensive experience, shooting “The Exorcism” presented Chloe with several ‘firsts.’ Speaking exclusively with the Mirror, Chloe shared insights about the spooky place she stayed during filming, the impact of the movie on her faith, her experiences working with Russell Crowe, and her gratitude for having Beyoncé in her life.

Chloe Bailey's 'The Exorcism' Journey: Firsts, Faith, and Filming with Russell Crowe

In “The Exorcism,” directed by Joshua John Miller, Chloe stars alongside Oscar-winner Russell Crowe, Sam Worthington, Ryan Simpkins, Adam Goldberg, Adrian Pasdar, and David Hyde Pierce. The film follows troubled actor Anthony Miler (Crowe), who begins to exhibit disruptive behavior while shooting a horror film. His estranged daughter (Simpkins) wonders if he’s slipping back into past addictions or if something more sinister is at play. Chloe portrays Blake Holloway, an actress who befriends Anthony’s daughter.

The film was shot pre-pandemic, with most of it wrapped up before COVID-19 shut down Hollywood. “It’s like two separate lives,” Chloe noted, reflecting on the film’s delayed release. “It doesn’t feel weird. It’s just like… I’m going to feel like I look like such a baby in this film. It was work I did four years ago, and I’ve grown so much since then – even as an actress – so I’m definitely interested to see how ‘Baby Chloe’ portrayed this and pulled it off.”

Chloe, who often critiques her performances, admitted she is tough on herself. “I can’t watch and think ‘oh, that’s really cool,'” she confessed. “The whole time, I’ll try to find something wrong with it.”

Chloe Bailey Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Body Measurements, Bra Size

However, she is eager for viewers to see her character Blake’s chilling transformation in “The Exorcism.” “I’m excited for people to see Blake possessed during the film, but also the different side of her,” Chloe shared, building anticipation for the release.

“Also, this was the first time I ‘smoked’ weed! I’ve never smoked before in my life, so the prop guy had to teach me how to smoke the fake blunt, and that was my first time smoking fake weed. It was funny because the night before, they gave me a couple of ones to practice with, and I was like, okay, do I hold it like this, or do I hold it like that? And I was like, well, this cigarette, this is the blunt.”

“[Shooting ‘The Exorcism’] was a bunch of firsts for me – my first time kissing someone who isn’t a man [Chloe kisses her non-binary co-star Ryan Simpkins in the film, who uses they/she pronouns], my first time smoking a blunt, my first time in a scary film. It is really cool. I definitely want to push myself beyond my comfort zone in the future. I’m such an athletic girl. I would love to do some action stuff. I love to do things that I wouldn’t necessarily think I would do because I want to see how far I could push myself – I’m one of those kinds of people.”

Chloe certainly pushed herself during the filming, admitting she was “freaking out about it the entire time we filmed.” Fortunately, the “Have Mercy” hitmaker had a supportive team, including Oscar-winning co-star Russell Crowe.

“[Russell] was so kind to me, genuinely,” Chloe gushed. “He loves music and to laugh and would tell me about Australia and his farm. Just by watching him and how he would get himself into character, I learned a lot from that, so I’m really grateful to be in a film with him.”

Chloe Bailey Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Body Measurements, Bra Size

Chloe also reflected on how the film impacted her faith. “I’m a lover of God, and I’m grateful that my energy was protected while filming something like this,” she told the Mirror. “I prayed every day during filming and had sage on me – just like my character Blake does on her set, which I thought was really funny because I was like, ‘Oh yes, this is something I would have done.'”

She recounted a spooky experience during filming. “The apartment I was staying at in Willington, North Carolina, where we were filming, had an eerie aura,” she revealed. “Walking up the stairs alone, I couldn’t shake off the strange feeling. Later, I discovered it was an old funeral home!” Despite the eerie vibes, Chloe stayed positive. “I just stay prayed up, and I’m like, I’m covered by the blood of Jesus, and I’m good.”

With “The Exorcism” now out, Chloe is looking ahead to future projects, building on her already impressive résumé. Chloe and her sister Halle first caught Beyoncé’s attention with their YouTube cover of her 2011 anthem “Best Thing I Never Had.” Since then, Beyoncé has been a constant source of support for the sisters.

“I’m constantly in awe of everything that woman does,” Chloe said. “She’s so smart, and I can only hope to one day leave an ounce of my legacy as she has done hers.” With her talent and drive, Chloe is well on her way to achieving that goal.

The Exorcism is now showing in movie theaters across the UK.

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