Christina Applegate Shares Love Island Advice and Reality TV Insights

Christina Applegate Shares Love Island Advice and Reality TV Insights

Christina Applegate, a reality TV enthusiast, shares her Love Island critiques and advice for contestants. Discover her thoughts on the latest season and her surprising connections in the reality TV world.

Bollywood Fever:  Reality TV connoisseur Christina Applegate has some advice for the attractive twenty-somethings trying to couple up on Love Island. The Dead to Me star took to social media on Wednesday to voice a few complaints about the show that she holds close to her heart.

“I adore Love Island. Have watched every season,” Applegate assured followers on X. “I have a beef with production and contestants. Can you please stop making weird sounds with your water bottles? Like holding straw in mouth and chewing it and not sipping. Or girls with long nails making clicky clackety sounds.”

Applegate continued her rant with a second post, directly addressing the islanders with a personal hygiene tip.

“White deodorant on the armpits in the heat is gross,” Applegate wrote. “Now you all are very attractive people, please use clear deodorant!!! The white puss-looking stuff in the folds is not bueno. This is just me helping you be the best version of you. Haha.”

Christina Applegate Shares Love Island Advice and Reality TV Insights

Applegate’s complaints were met with agreement from fans, including one who wrote, “I hate when it curdles. It reminds me of something too graphic to share. I legit can’t even type it.”

But Applegate had no such reservations. “Well, I will say it for you,” the actress replied. “Yeast infection. That’s all I see now.”

The latest season of Love Island USA, hosted by Vanderpump Rules’ Ariana Madix and set in Fiji, kicked off last month on Peacock.

Applegate, who has been public about her battle with multiple sclerosis, previously revealed that becoming a reality TV junkie was a recent development for her.

“I just started two years ago when I got diagnosed,” Applegate said during an April episode of her MeSsy podcast. “In the two years that I’ve been watching from my bed, I have watched probably, what? 300 hours of reality TV, I would imagine. Probably more.”

Applegate shared that her love for reality TV has even led her to befriend some of the personalities she enjoys watching. “I’m actually friends with some people now,” she said, adding that she’s connected with several yacht crew members from Below Deck. “I have slipped into their DMs and become friends with Captain Lee [Rosbach], Kate Chastain, and Daisy [Kelliher].”

In the same conversation, Applegate revealed that she passed on an opportunity to be a reality TV star herself, when she turned down a spot on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills around “10 years ago.” She joked that it was for the best, saying, “I would be the worst housewife anyway.”

As Love Island USA continues, fans can look forward to more of Applegate’s candid critiques and insights, adding an extra layer of entertainment for those who share her passion for reality TV.

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