Clayton Anderson Discusses Unresolved Concerns Following Death of Former Chiefs Cheerleader Krystal Anderson

Clayton Anderson Discusses Unresolved Concerns Following Death of Former Chiefs Cheerleader Krystal Anderson

Clayton Anderson shares his grief and critiques of healthcare for women, following the tragic death of his wife, Krystal Anderson, from sepsis after a stillbirth. Highlighting the need for tailored care, he reflects on her legacy and the systemic changes needed in maternal healthcare.

Krystal Anderson’s family, including her husband Clayton Anderson, is grappling with grief and seeking closure following her tragic death on March 20 due to sepsis after a stillbirth. This heartbreak came after the couple previously lost their first child, James, also in a stillbirth in 2022.

Clayton Anderson Discusses Unresolved Concerns Following Death of Former Chiefs Cheerleader Krystal Anderson

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Clayton expressed concerns about the healthcare system’s treatment of women, particularly Black women and those of advanced maternal age. “One of the issues that I guess I have with the system overall,” Clayton revealed, “is Krystal is 40, and she’s Black, and we’d had a loss before. But even then they say you can’t start a plan with maternal fetal medicine or the high-risk maternity doctors until you get to week 14.

He emphasized that all pregnancies, especially those involving older women or women of color, should be considered high risk from the outset. “All pregnancy is high risk, especially when you’re a woman of color, or you’re older, and they should be treated that way from the start,” he stated.

Clayton also voiced his frustration with the long intervals between Krystal’s medical appointments, criticizing the standard protocol that does not differentiate based on individual risks. “Expecting somebody who’s had a loss to go four weeks in between seeing their care providers,” he explained, “that’s the same protocol that’s done for a 23-year-old that’s very healthy. It can’t be a one-size-fits-all.”

AdventHealth Shawnee Mission, where Krystal was treated, issued a statement to GMA. “Our hearts are hurting in this tragic situation,” the hospital said. “We along with the independent providers who deliver care in our facilities strive to provide the best possible care to every patient based on their specific needs and circumstances. We extend our prayers and support to family members and loved ones experiencing the devastating loss of precious life.”

Reflecting on Krystal’s life and legacy, including her contributions to a healthcare technology team that earned a patent for technology identifying risks in postpartum hemorrhaging, Clayton wants her vibrant spirit to be remembered. “She would want everything to shine and sparkle, and she would want her laughter to be spread,” he remarked. “This is terrible and tragic. And I don’t think she wanted to be the person to champion these causes. But if she was going to do it, she was going to do it with joy.”

He concluded, “She was my world. My best friend and obviously the love of my life and mother to our children.”

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