Coachella Gives Fans a Sense of Wild AR. It could be the Future of Concerts

Coachella Gives Fans a Sense of Wild AR. It could be the Future of Concerts

Coachella Gives Fans a Sense of Wild AR. It could be the Future of Concerts

If you had watched Coachella’s YouTube live broadcast on Saturday night, you could have acted twice as big as a leafy tree and Godzilla parrot climbed slowly above the stage of electronic artist Flume. Were they large inflatables? Mirage on a 200-foot LED screen? Perfect mental hallucinations?

None of the above. This year, Coachella has partnered with Unreal Engine — Epic Games’ 3D software development tool, which I wrote about in this book two weeks ago — to create what editors call the first live broadcast to add augmented reality (AR) technology to a music event. . Unreal Engine has worked with Flume’s art team and other technology partners to create great 3D psychedelic images that meet seamlessly with his stage design and set, floating near the artist and into the Indio sky.

But no one could see the big parrots at the party — only spectators at home. The result, though only a few minutes long, serves as an example of how live event organizers can use metaverse technology going forward to create a unique experience for local viewers. Many metaverse developers believe that live events will be increasingly mixed with both digital and real-world components — and that rooted tools can help make each version of the event unique and desirable in its own right. “It doesn’t make sense to just re-create a live music experience almost,” said Sam Schoonover, who leads Coachella’s new track. “Instead, you have to give fans something new and different that they can do in real life.”

For the past few years, AR visuals have been streaming into live broadcasts, albeit mainly as small graphics. Riot Games has brought a huge dragon to the opening ceremonies of the 2017 League of Legends Worlds finals; The camera followed the screaming beast as it flew around the fans in the arena. Last September, a large panther crashed into the Carolina Panthers stadium in a similar manner. (Panther was also created with Unreal Engine.)

Coachella Gives Fans a Sense of Wild AR. It could be the Future of Concerts

Coachella Gives Fans a Sense of Wild AR. It could be the Future of Concerts

Schoonover has been trying to apply the same results to Coachella’s live broadcasts for years in an effort to expand his audience beyond the Empire Polo Club. “The online audience of the shows is so large that there may be 10 or 20 times more people watching the show live than at the festival,” said Schoonover. “Because what is done at home cannot be compared to what is happening at the festival, we want to give artists new ways to express themselves and increase viewers around the world.”

However, previous efforts in the AR trial at Coachella were fueled by production costs and a lack of interest from players. This year, it has partnered with Epic — which focuses on reducing barriers to entry for 3D creators — and the purchase of Flume — a long-time electronic artist emphasizing visual art at his concerts — to make the project a success. . Key players in the process include artist Jonathan Zawada, who has worked extensively on Flume’s audio and video projects, including the NFTs, and director Michael Hili, who directed Flume’s latest music video, “Say Nothing.”

The result was the creation of large Australian birds (the Australian Flume), brightly colored flowers and leafy trees swaying in the wind, above the stage and in the crowd. Three streaming cameras equipped with additional tracking of computer hardware allowed the production team to upload those 3D images to the video feed in real time.

The drawings are the beginning of what could be created in AR with live concert settings, Schoonover said. Future dancers can have light effects around their face at all times, for example, or align their dance movements to those of avatars around them. It’s easy to imagine production producers adding, in real time, the kind of effects that ubiquitous music video director Cole Bennett adds to his post-production videos, or the performance of Snoop Dogg as he accompanies his characters from the Sandbox metaverse.

And Schoonover says this AR self-awareness will jump to another level if AR glasses are customized. Finally, you may be able to see a concert in 3D, from the festival grounds, surrounded by floating AR birds, plants, or whatever other 3D artists dream of. “When it comes to people who want to experience Coachella experience on their couch, this is the place to go,” he said.

Pictures Source/Credit: Instagram Of Aditi

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