Community Outrage After Police K9 Dies in Hot Car Incident in Missouri

Community Outrage After Police K9 Dies in Hot Car Incident in Missouri

Community members are outraged after a police K9 named Horus died from being left in a hot car overnight in Savannah, Missouri. An investigation is ongoing.

Missouri, Bollywood Fever: Local community members in Savannah, Missouri, are outraged after a police K9 tragically died from being left in a hot car overnight by deputies. The German shepherd, Horus, passed away on Thursday due to health complications resulting from the incident.

Chief David Vincent of the Savannah Police Department confirmed the unfortunate event to local CBS affiliate KCTV on Sunday. While the investigation is ongoing, Horus’ death is currently considered an accident.

Andrew County Prosecuting Attorney Monica J. Morrey has requested a special investigation by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, according to a statement released Sunday. “The Andrew County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is deeply saddened to learn of K-9 Horus’ passing. We are grateful to him for his service to our community,” Morrey said.

Community Outrage After Police K9 Dies in Hot Car Incident in Missouri

Savannah, like many towns, has been experiencing extreme heat, with temperatures reaching up to 90 degrees and heat index values climbing as high as 109 degrees, according to The Weather Channel.

Horus, who had been serving with the police department since February 2021, was one of four K9 units in the department. Several new officers are set to begin training next week, according to a Facebook post by the department.

The identity of the officer supervising Horus has not been disclosed. Chief Vincent stated, “Due to this being an open investigation, there will be no further information released until the investigation is completed. The entire department would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we deal with the loss of our partner, Horus.”

The department has not publicly acknowledged Horus’ death on their Facebook page, leading to significant backlash from the community. Users have expressed their frustration and demanded accountability in the comments on the department’s recent posts.

One user commented, “IT’S NOT AN ACCIDENT WHEN THE PUBLIC DOES IT AND IT’S NOT AN ACCIDENT NOW. We demand charges for the person who did this.”

Another user wrote, “Can I leave your police officer in your car for 6 hours, without air conditioning? Oh, that’s a crime? Weird.”

A former police officer also voiced frustration, stating, “You don’t leave your partner in a patrol vehicle without constantly checking on him. If nothing happens to the police officer, it’s because he was connected to someone.”

Adding to the community’s dismay, the police department posted a photo of another missing dog roaming the town on Facebook on the same day they announced Horus’ death, which many users found insensitive.

As the investigation continues, the community demands answers and accountability for the tragic loss of K9 Horus.

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