Cops Suspect Murder in Disappearance of Army Veteran Shannon Collins

Cops Suspect Murder in Disappearance of Army Veteran Shannon Collins

Authorities suspect foul play in the mysterious disappearance of Army veteran Shannon Collins, who vanished for nine months before being reported missing. His family and the FBI continue the search for answers.

Bollywood Fever: Authorities investigating the mysterious disappearance of Army veteran Shannon Collins, who was not reported missing for nine months, now suspect he was murdered. Shannon, 52, vanished in March 2021 after returning to his home in Pottsville, Arkansas, from a trip to visit his mistress in Tennessee.

Shannon’s family has refused to cooperate with authorities since his disappearance. His wife, Tresa, initially told investigators that he walked away from home after an argument. “We’ve done a lot of work on it, and we’re looking at it as maybe he didn’t just walk off,” said Lt. Dain Yarbrough of the Pope County Sheriff’s Office. “We are definitely looking at the foul play aspect to it.”

Shannon’s case remains active thanks to his younger brother, Blake, who is convinced that Shannon is dead. “My brother’s not missing. My brother’s dead,” Blake told in an exclusive interview. He pointed out inconsistencies in the stories provided by Shannon’s wife and stepson about how Shannon left the house.

Cops Suspect Murder in Disappearance of Army Veteran Shannon Collins

Police confirmed that Shannon returned home to Pottsville on March 11, 2021. However, Tresa did not report him missing to the police and failed to inform his extended family that he had not returned home for over a month. Blake filed a missing person report nine months later when he returned to Arkansas from out of state.

Initially, Tresa claimed that Shannon had left the family after an argument and was texting her, their son, and her daughter Brittany from a new number. However, when Shannon did not respond to messages from his parents or siblings, they grew concerned despite Tresa’s claims of contact.

Once Blake involved the police, Tresa and her children ceased communication with his family. Blake believes Shannon and Tresa had a dispute when he returned from visiting his lover. He confirmed that the marriage had been troubled for some time and that Shannon had described Tresa as “jealous” during their relationship. Blake added that Shannon intended to divorce her after their son graduated from college.

Blake urged Shannon’s lover, who has spoken with the police, to contact the family directly if she has any information. “You don’t immediately assume your brother’s wife and family could’ve done something horrible to him and are making attempts to keep their actions hidden,” Blake said.

Tresa reportedly told authorities that Shannon walked away from the house and suggested he might have checked himself into a mental facility. She claimed he was on pain medication and might not have been thinking straight. Detectives confirmed that witness statements and cell site evidence placed both Tresa and her son at home when Shannon returned.

However, Tresa’s account contradicted her daughter’s statement to police that she saw Shannon get into a vehicle with an unknown driver. Tresa did nothing to stop her husband’s US Army pension payments following his disappearance, and they were only halted after Blake reported him missing.

Police say there were inconsistencies in Tresa’s testimony and served a search warrant on the home she shared with Shannon. Tresa has since refused to speak to authorities without a lawyer and is represented by attorney Michael Robbins. Robbins did not respond to requests for comment by

Lt. Yarbrough confirmed that the FBI had been called in to assist in the investigation. “We are still looking at any angle we can get to help us further what we have already, we’ll take any help that we can get,” he said. While Yarbrough did not definitively state that Shannon was dead, he acknowledged it as the working theory.

The sheriff’s department stated that Shannon’s wife and son told officers he “walked away” from the home on March 12. They added that Tresa provided false and misleading statements during her initial interview and has since refused to provide further information.

Shannon, who served in the United States Army National Guard and held the rank of Sergeant Major, was supposed to make a delivery on the day of his disappearance but never showed up, which his family says was out of character for him.

The family met with Pope County prosecutor Jeff Phillips this month to discuss the case but were told there is not enough evidence to bring charges. Shannon’s family remains hopeful that renewed interest in the case will help bring more information to light and result in charges.

“Our family is strong, and we have faith,” said Blake. “Faith in God. And faith in the fact that the police and legal system will come to their senses and do the right thing to bring justice to Shannon, and peace to my family.”

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