Curvy mermaid statue in Italy, Vulgar or Beautiful 

Curvy mermaid statue in Italy, Vulgar or Beautiful 

Curvy mermaid statue in Italy, Vulgar or Beautiful 

A curvaceous mermaid statue located in Italy has been making waves on the internet as locals debate its artistic merit, with some considering it to be ‘vulgar,’ while others see it as ‘beautiful.’

Residents and visitors of southern Italy are doing a double take as a newly installed, voluptuous mermaid statue catches their attention near a children’s play area. 

Curvy mermaid statue in Italy, Vulgar or Beautiful 

The statue was created by students from the IISS Luigi Rosso art high school in Monopoli and is reportedly intended to honor the late Italian senator and Nobel laureate, Rita Levi-Montalcini. The statue, which features a curvaceous figure, has been erected at the Piazza Rita Levi Montalcini, a newly constructed town square named after the renowned senator in Bari, a port city and province within the Monopoli township of Puglia. 

Despite its artistic intentions, the statue has sparked debate among locals, with some finding it playful and others questioning its appropriateness in a public space.

The Monopoli Times captured photos of the cross-armed mermaid statue on a stone pillar with a plaque referencing the “Comune di Monopoli” (City of Monopoly in English) prior to its inauguration. These photos were later uploaded to social media platforms Twitter and Facebook, where they garnered attention and sparked conversation among viewers.

Curvy mermaid statue in Italy, Vulgar or Beautiful 

Located a short distance away from a newly constructed children’s park, the mermaid statue stands on display, perched on a stone pillar. The park itself boasts a variety of play equipment, including a swing set, jungle gym, slide, and circular balance board. Since late April, the appropriateness of the statue’s placement in relation to the children’s play area has been a subject of debate among the local community and the wider population of Italy.

The controversy surrounding the curvy mermaid statue in southern Italy has sparked a heated debate among locals and the wider Italian population. The statue, which was crafted by students of the IISS Luigi Rosso art high school, is reportedly meant to honor Rita Levi-Montalcini, a late Italian senator and Nobel laureate. However, its proximity to a newly constructed children’s park has led to concerns about its appropriateness as a public art display.

Photos of the statue, which depict a buxom mermaid with her arms crossed, were initially shared by The Monopoli Times on social media platforms. In response to the backlash, the high school reportedly covered the statue with a tarp to hide its “provocative” form. However, the statue was unveiled again after hundreds of tourists traveled to the city of Bari to take pictures with the stone siren.

Opinions on the statue have been divided. Some social media users have praised the artwork’s beauty and criticized those who want to censor it. “Beautiful.. front and back.. don’t censor the beautiful (real) woman’s physique!” one Twitter user commented. Others have expressed concerns about the statue’s appropriateness given its location near a children’s park.

Curvy mermaid statue in Italy, Vulgar or Beautiful 

Facebook users were also split on the matter, with hundreds of commenters sharing their views on whether the mermaid statue should overlook a children’s park and whether it truly honors Levi-Montalcini. While some Facebook users praised the skill of the high school students who crafted the statue, others questioned its relevance to the late senator’s work in neurobiology. One user wrote, “I didn’t understand the connection between Nobel prize and artwork. Although she is beautiful, I think she is not suitable to represent professor Montalcini.”

Despite the controversy, the statue continues to attract attention and visitors. As one Twitter user wrote, “This statue is magnificent, people are becoming more and more intolerant.” However, the debate over its appropriateness as a public art display is likely to continue for some time.

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