Dave Portnoy Reacts to Bill Belichick and Jordon Hudson’s Age Gap on “BFFs” Podcast

Bill Belichick Dating Former Cheerleader 50 Years His Junior, Jordon Hudson

Dave Portnoy shares his mixed feelings about Bill Belichick and Jordon Hudson’s 48-year age gap on his “BFFs” podcast, addressing the controversy and his own experiences with dating younger women.

Bollywood Fever: Dave Portnoy expressed mixed feelings about the significant age gap between Bill Belichick and his girlfriend, Jordon Hudson, during Wednesday’s episode of his “BFFs” podcast.

When the couple came up in conversation, the Barstool Sports founder initially reacted with, “Yikes. Ew. Wow.” However, he soon questioned the controversy surrounding their relationship, asking listeners, “What’s wrong with” the headline-making romance.

Co-host Brianna Chickenfry highlighted the “huge” age difference between the 72-year-old former NFL coach and the 24-year-old former cheerleader. Portnoy dismissed concerns about the age gap, stating, “It’s a big gap. You guys have problems with age gaps. That’s fine. I don’t judge. They met naturally over her homework on a plane. … They’re in love.”

Bill Belichick Dating Former Cheerleader 50 Years His Junior, Jordon Hudson

Portnoy, 47, speculated that he’ll “probably see them in Nantucket” as Hudson “has a place” on the Massachusetts island. Chickenfry humorously referenced Portnoy’s own relationships with younger women, suggesting Belichick must be “47” years old.

In April, Portnoy was seen at a Boston Celtics game with 25-year-old Camryn D’Aloia. He admitted on “BFFs” that he felt “panicked” when they were caught on camera, describing it as a “very unfortunate” situation. Portnoy later brought D’Aloia with him to record Alex Cooper’s “Call Her Daddy” podcast, where he criticized Cooper, 29, for mentioning D’Aloia’s presence, insisting she was “not [his] new girlfriend.”

Before D’Aloia, Portnoy dated 29-year-old model Silvana Mojica. The couple ended their relationship in 2023 after more than two years together.

Bill Belichick Dating Former Cheerleader 50 Years His Junior, Jordon Hudson

Belichick, on the other hand, dated Linda Holliday for 16 years before moving on with Hudson. The couple met on an airplane in 2022, with a shirtless Belichick being caught on a Ring camera sneaking out of Hudson’s Massachusetts home the following year. Despite keeping their romance relatively private, they were seen together on Belichick’s boat in Nantucket on Wednesday.

Portnoy’s comments reflect his nonchalant attitude toward age differences in relationships, drawing parallels to his own dating history while addressing the public’s fascination with Belichick and Hudson’s age gap.

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