Dead Snake Found in Mess Food Sparks Outrage at Bihar Engineering College

Dead Snake Found in Mess Food Sparks Outrage at Bihar Engineering College

Ten students from a government engineering college in Banka, Bihar, were hospitalized after a dead snake was found in mess food. The incident has sparked outrage and prompted an investigation by district authorities.

Patna,Bihar, India, Bollywood Fever: Ten students from a government engineering college in Bihar’s Banka district were hospitalized last week after allegedly finding a dead snake in their mess food. The on-duty doctor reported that the students were admitted on Thursday night with symptoms of food poisoning and have since recovered.

The discovery ignited outrage among the hostel students, who claimed that a college staff member threatened them when they protested the incident.

“We have been facing issues with food quality at the mess. But they crossed the limit this time. A snake was found in the food. No one can tolerate this. Every time we raised this with the faculty, they tried to bury the issue,” said Sunny Mahto, a third-year student. The mess is operated by a private contractor.

The food quality concerns extend to the girls’ mess as well, according to student Ayushi. “SDM sir had come for an inspection a long time back and 90% of the food was found to be expired. The rules are such that if one has to stay in the hostel, they must eat the mess food. If one does not eat mess food or keeps mess charges unpaid, they are barred from the exam,” she explained.

In response to the incident, the district administration has launched an investigation. District Magistrate Anshul Kumar told Live Hindustan that the administration had previously investigated a food-related complaint at the college and had issued instructions to the institution. He assured that strict action would be taken against those found guilty if the incident is confirmed.

Sub Divisional Officer (SDO) Avinash Kumar and Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Vinod Kumar visited the college on Friday evening, urging students to remain calm while the investigation is ongoing.

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