Denise Richards in Support of Daughter Sami Joining OnlyFans

Denise Richards in Support of Daughter Sami Joining OnlyFans

Denise Richards in Support of Daughter Sami Joining OnlyFans.

Denise Richards is again going to bat for her daughter, Sami after the 18-year-old joined OnlyFans.

Richards says no one can judge her daughter, including her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen.

The Wild Things actress took to Instagram on Friday and penned a lengthy post calling out the haters for their negativity after Sami announced she would be posting “exclusive content” on the subscription-based social media platform, where she will charge fans $19.99 per month.

Richards sees nothing wrong with the move and applauds her daughter’s confidence.

Denise Richards in Support of Daughter Sami Joining OnlyFans

Denise Richards

“Lots of negative comments on my social this past week,” Richards started her post. “I have to say I wish I had the confidence my 18 yr old daughter has.

I did Wild Things & Playboy; her father shouldn’t be either. And to be able to ignore the negativity at her age? It took me many years & I still sometimes struggle.”

She continued, “I’m in awe of her ability to shut out the noise.

Because it can destroy you. I recently learned about @onlyfans in the last few months.

The judgment because women & men of the adult film industry are on there, and I imagine they’re on Instagram & Twitter as well.”

Richards, who posed for Playboy in the December 2004 issue, asked what all the fuss was about, considering many others post bikini-clad photos on other social media platforms.

“Is there a difference posting a picture of ourselves in a bikini on IG?” she asked. “We’ve all done it. Because you get paid on Only Fans? I’m sure IG & Twitter & Facebook do quite well off of us.

Is it so bad to control it & monetize it too? I’m sorry, but s**t if I can get paid at my age? To see me in a bikini? God bless you. Perhaps I should open my account.”

Richards also had some parting words for anyone else still feeling the need to pass judgment.

“Oh & those of you that are so judgmental,” she added, “sounds like you might already subscribe to an @onlyfans account. Have a great weekend.”

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