Destiny’s ‘Lore Daddy’ Unveils a 10-Hour History Recap, Drawing 12,000 Live Viewers

Destiny's 'Lore Daddy' Unveils a 10-Hour History Recap, Drawing 12,000 Live Viewers

Destiny’s lore expert, My name is Byf, releases a 10-hour history recap, drawing 12,000 live viewers. This extensive video covers Destiny’s complex story, making it easier for fans to stay updated.

‘Lore Daddy’ Released 10-hour Video

Destiny’s storytelling has evolved significantly since the early days of grimoire cards, but the lore remains complex. Destiny 2 is dense with proper nouns, and each season and expansion adds more lore books and item descriptions, many of which may later become central to the story.

Thankfully, dedicated Destiny lore YouTubers like My name is Byf, affectionately known as “Lore Daddy” by his fans, help keep the intricate lore organized. Byf’s latest Destiny story recap, released today with a live premiere, is a nine-hour video—approximately a third of which is dedicated to cataloging the setting’s various Shapes of Cosmic Importance.

The audience for this content is substantial. As Byf tweeted around two hours into the video’s live premiere, nearly 12,000 people were tuning in to refresh their Destiny lore knowledge in preparation for The Final Shape.

For avid Destiny players, Byf’s work is an invaluable resource. It’s been almost seven years since Destiny 2’s original release, and the game still struggles to present its lore coherently.

The 10-hour runtime of Byf’s history recap, which covers everything from the setting’s prehistory to the current in-game moment, is a significant commitment for viewers. However, it’s comparable to a marathon of the Lord of the Rings movies (excluding the extended editions). It’s still less time-consuming than cross-referencing fan wikis and the Ishtar Collective.

Take my word for it. I’ve spent a decade researching the origins of the Vex and other aspects of the lore. While those hours were thrilling, I wouldn’t recommend the same path to others.

Byf’s recap is a better option. There’s still time to catch the live premiere, with around six hours of lore left as of this writing. In about thirty minutes, the Destiny 2 story recap will begin. Alternatively, you can watch it at your own pace. If you start tomorrow, watching around two and a half hours a day will get you caught up before The Final Shape. Easy.

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