Disney TV Animation, Distribution Workers Criticize CEO’s Response to the “Do Not Say Gay” Bill

Disney TV Animation, Distribution Workers Criticize CEO's Response to the "Do Not Say Gay" Bill

Disney TV Animation, Distribution Workers Criticize CEO’s Response to the “Do Not Say Gay” Bill

The animated group called Bob Chapek’s response “a tone-deaf and extremely dangerous.”

Employees of Disney TV Animation and Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution want the company to withdraw funding from politicians who support Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill and similar anti-LGBTQ legislation.

In letters written separately by the groups and received Thursday by The Hollywood Reporter, LGBTQ staff and their partners again called on the Walt Disney Company to condemn these political efforts as “contrary to the ethics of TWDC and its employees.”

In an interview entitled “Statement of Leadership From Queer / LGBTQ + DTVA Staff and Their Partners,” DTVA staff said they were “proud of the leaders who spoke out against Disney’s continued financial support of anti-gay and anti-trans laws.” the company’s position in the community ultimately speaks louder.

We are speaking directly to the passing of the anti-LGBTQ law in the Florida legislature, where we are currently awaiting the signing of Gov. Ron DeSantis, the statement begins, “We are writing this message with amazingly sad hearts today, with a fire of equally burning anger. …

We psychologically prepare to mourn the loss of basic human dignity and rights of LGBTQ + communities, families, and children in Florida.

The burden and trauma that has so often been trampled on by the LGBTQ + community. ”

Continuing to highlight how Disney LGBTQ employees have dealt with “real attacks” outside the office with the rise of anti-LGBTQ laws, while on the job, “Chapek contributes to the deterioration of our safety and well-being.”

It also criticized the voice of the Disney CEO’s statements, first in an internal invitation to employees and then in a public statement to shareholders two days later.

“The state of complacency, indifference, and disregard for Bob’s response yesterday is unheard of and very dangerous,” reads the letter. “We do not need to hear as workers how corporate leaders are bragging about finding excuses to continue contributing to a political party that is hurting our society, especially the children in it.”

Disney TV Animation, Distribution Workers Criticize CEO's Response to the "Do Not Say Gay" Bill

Disney TV Animation, Distribution Workers Criticize CEO’s Response to the “Do Not Say Gay” Bill

The DTVA book specifically emphasizes the cancellation of The Owl House just two seasons later, a record-breaking exhibition featuring the first two main characters of TDVA and one of the first LGBTQ children’s leading cartoon characters, as proof that the studio is not fully functional. given in statements made by Chapek his memo of March 7.

Some employees accused Chapek of using their compelling content to retract their claims and that his statements sparked fears that past company statements about inclusion “were not moral decisions and inclusion but selfishness and financial gain.”

LGBTQIA Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution staff and their partners have demanded that Disney and its leadership make a clear and firm public decision on the “Do Not Say Homosexual” law. The bill will make it legal to discuss sex or sex in public school classrooms from kindergarten to third grade, with parents being able to sue for breach of the law.

“Asking thousands of anonymous and inquiring staff to wait for the DEI conference on March 22nd and April 13 is not the right answer, and it does not promise the world that ‘inclusive content’ will be our solution,” the statement said. “Queer people are familiar with this kind of empty promise of co-operation and inaction – the difference is in The Walt Disney Company ‘s recent commitment to integration and diversity.”

The group says Disney’s lack of real action in response to Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill will have a negative impact on similar legislation in Texas, Tennessee, and other states.

“Disney has every opportunity to help you in this very difficult situation. Measures need to be put in place to break this law and save lives, in some cases literally preventing suicide, for children, families, and communities that will suffer the most, ”the workers’ statement said. “This is not a political issue. These are our lives. The lives of our loved ones, our children, our co-workers. This is our presence.

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