Donald Trump Criticizes Joe Biden’s Debate Performance, Calls Him a “Choker”

Donald Trump Is Disqualified From Presidency

Donald Trump slams President Biden’s debate performance, labeling him a “choker” in high-pressure moments. Read more on Trump’s remarks and the public reaction.

Bollywood Fever: Donald Trump has criticized President Joe Biden for his performance in their recent debate, claiming that America doesn’t need a president who chokes in big moments. The former president took to Truth Social on Saturday to express his disdain for Biden’s performance during their debate in Atlanta on Thursday.

In his post, Trump didn’t hold back on his political rival, reiterating his claims that Biden is using the justice system to try and imprison him. Trump suggested that Biden’s conscience might have contributed to his poor debate performance.

Donald Trump Criticizes Joe Biden's Debate Performance, Calls Him a "Choker"

“CHOKE” is the word Trump used to describe Biden’s reaction under the pressure of debating in front of 51 million viewers. While Trump acknowledged that Biden’s speech in North Carolina on Friday was much better, he questioned whether Americans want a president who falters in critical moments.

Donald Trump Is Disqualified From Presidency

Trump’s comments may resonate with many, as Biden’s debate demeanor attracted significant attention for all the wrong reasons, including a viral moment where he seemed to lose his train of thought completely. Flash polling after the debate did not favor Biden, although his subsequent speech in North Carolina helped to ease some concerns among Democrats.

Even Barack Obama, one of Biden’s most steadfast supporters, admitted that Biden wasn’t at his best during the debate, though he remains supportive of his former vice president.

The next presidential debate is scheduled for September, and it’s likely that Trump will continue to bring up Biden’s poor performance in future discussions.

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