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Dutch Numerous rails stopped due to technical issues p20

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Dutch Numerous rails stopped due to technical issues.

On Sunday, the Dutch national railway operator NS announced that its trains would operate for “at least” five hours due to an unknown technical issue.

On Sunday, the Dutch railway operator national NS announced that no of its trains would operate at “at least” five hours due to an unidentified technical issue.

In a press release posted on its website, NS advised travelers to look for alternate ways to travel.

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“We are working hard on a recovery but, alas, we cannot now say how long this situation will persist,” the statement stated.

Regional trains continued to run The NS declared it was just impossible to provide accurate timetables.

Rail transportation within the Netherlands utilizes a large railway system that connects every major city and town.

There are nearly as many stations for trains in the Netherlands as cities.

Dutch Numerous rails stopped due to technical issues

Dutch Numerous rails stopped due to technical issues

The network’s total length is 3,223 route kilometers (2,003 miles), covering 6,830 km (4,240 miles) of the track.

 A line can operate in both directions, and two lines could be running (one for each direction) along major routes. The majority of lines are electrically powered. 

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The Dutch rail system is used primarily for passengers transport.

Rail travel accounts for most distance traveled on Dutch public transport.

The nation’s rail infrastructure is operated and maintained by state agency ProRail as well as a handful of operators are granted permission to use their trains.

The entire rail infrastructure is gauge standard.

Netherlands is a member of the International Union of Railways (UIC), and its national code is 84.

The majority of Dutch trains come with WiFi.

There is no catering on board, exce pt for limited services on certain international trains.

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