Elle King Opens Up About Botched Dolly Parton Tribute

Elle King Opens Up About Botched Dolly Parton Tribute

Elle King has finally addressed her botched Dolly Parton tribute, attributing the alcohol-fueled incident to dealing with personal issues and praising Dolly Parton’s grace in handling the situation.

The singer opened up about the disastrous January performance on Chelsea Handler’s podcast “Dear Chelsea,” calling it a huge mistake and explaining the events leading up to the show. King revealed she had been dealing with a major trauma at the time, which she says caused her PTSD. Although she didn’t specify the details, she emphasized how significantly it impacted her.

King admitted that she hadn’t eaten or slept for days before the show. Despite the first performance going well, she took one shot too many and completely disassociated, barely remembering the rest of the evening. She recalled waking up in the dressing room, sobbing.

Following the incident, King sent handwritten apologies to the Grand Ole Opry and to Dolly Parton. Dolly called her, offering words of comfort that made King feel better about the situation.

During her appearance at the legendary Nashville music venue, King was visibly intoxicated and forgot the lyrics to one of Dolly’s songs, using profane language throughout her performance. While Dolly’s sister Stella criticized King, Parton publicly urged people to be kind to King, a move that King deeply appreciates.

King took a break from performing after the incident to address her personal issues. She has since returned to the stage, now opting for water instead of liquor.

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