Environmental Activists Target Taylor Swift’s Jet in Protest

Environmental Activists Target Taylor Swift’s Jet in Protest

Just Stop Oil activists attempted to vandalize Taylor Swift’s private jet at Stansted airport but mistakenly tagged other planes. Learn more about the incident and the group’s climate change protest.

Bollywood Fever: Taylor Swift‘s private jet found itself at the center of a political protest when environmental activists attempted to target it, but ultimately missed. The British environmental group Just Stop Oil, which focuses on human-caused climate change, claimed responsibility for the vandalism on Thursday.

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Protesters Jennifer Kowalski and Cole Macdonald infiltrated a private airfield at Stansted airport around 5 AM and used rigged fire extinguishers to spray paint on several planes. The activists aimed to draw attention to Swift’s frequent use of her private jet, which has been criticized for its substantial carbon footprint.

Despite their intentions, Just Stop Oil later confirmed that they did not actually hit Swift’s jet, instead vandalizing two other planes. The group’s caption on social media, along with their headline referencing Taylor Swift lyrics, made it clear that she was their intended target.

The protesters proudly posed in front of the tagged planes, taking selfies to document their actions. Essex police arrested Kowalski and Macdonald, booking them on suspicion of criminal damage and interference with the use or operation of national infrastructure.

Environmental Activists Target Taylor Swift’s Jet in Protest

Just Stop Oil’s ultimate goal is for the British government to cease the extraction and burning of oil, gas, and coal by 2030. Macdonald emphasized the disparity between the lifestyles of billionaires and the unlivable conditions imposed on millions due to climate change, highlighting the group’s grievances with the excessive carbon emissions from private jets.

Taylor Swift officially reached billionaire status last fall, largely due to her “Eras” tour. However, she has faced ongoing backlash for her frequent use of a private jet and the associated environmental impact.

According to Just Stop Oil, private jet users are responsible for up to 14 times more carbon emissions per passenger than commercial flights. The group has been vocal about their opposition to CO2 polluters, considering Swift a significant contributor.

Earlier this week, Just Stop Oil also targeted the UK landmark Stonehenge, where two protesters tagged the site with orange paint powder and were subsequently arrested. The group’s actions underscore their urgent call for climate action and their dissatisfaction with high-profile figures contributing to environmental degradation.

While their latest protest may have missed its mark, Just Stop Oil’s message remains clear: they are determined to hold individuals and governments accountable for their role in the climate crisis.

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