Ertha’s Inter-Metaverse Portal NFTs Bought for $60K news

Ertha's Inter-Metaverse Portal NFTs Bought for $60K

Ertha’s Inter-Metaverse Portal NFTs Bought for $60K.

You can now move between the metaverses with Ertha’s Portal NFTs. The community’s enthusiasm has already spent more than $60,000. 

These NFTs, regardless of their intended use, are unknown until now.

The characters of Ertha’s game will be able to travel immediately between their planet of origin and the Moon – – a brand new sci-fi-inspired metaverse.

Portals can be an easy source of passive income.

The players will have to buy tickets to travel through the portals and make payments to move cargo to the final destination, and landowners make money from every transaction.

The purchase of a portal in Ertha is a good investment.

Each portal is a two-way street, and owners of Ertha get the portal NFT Moon in Moon at no cost(and the reverse is true)!

This new feature is designed to boost the worth of land surrounding each portal.

Because of the ease of resource transportation and player transportation and resource transportation, portals will also generate passive income for owners through the charges players will pay for traveling through the portals.

Portals will be able to sustain an abundance of traffic.

Like Ertha’s city, NFTs portals provide a unique business chance to make money locally and internationally!

Portals continue to increase Ertha’s visibility. This comes following a record-breaking $120,000 auction in Rome, $59,000for Tokyo and the bulk of Sweden, which one buyer bought for $50,000.

Ertha's Inter-Metaverse Portal NFTs Bought for $60K

Ertha’s Inter-Metaverse Portal NFTs Bought for $60K

What is Ertha Metaverse?

The Ertha humanity, we are at the edge of dying. The world’s leaders fell short in their last-ditch efforts at saving Earth from the rapid climate change and, in the following years, untold natural disasters ravaged the planet.

Players have the chance to rectify past mistakes by creating a future starting from scratch.

Find resources, create land as well as re-build the economy.

Transform governments and countries as they think is best. Every player’s actions create lasting effects within the constantly evolving Metaverse.

Ertha’s Gameplay

Ertha’s universe is a complex and intricately designed gamespace that is ripe for developing new nations, economies, and shaky alliances with its players.

Its Metaverse can be divided into 350,000 land plots that can be purchased, each one collecting fees, taxes and other types of income from the transactions occurring on these plots.

Players must manage trade, production, and budgets for finances, to keep just one step in front of rivals.

If you are looking for an introduction to the Metaverse and play-to-earn Gaming, Ertha represents an opportunity.

What Is the ERTHA Token?

The ERTHA token will serve as a crucial component for those who are serious about joining the Erthaverse! In the context of a game that involves politics and economic intrigue, our token is used for various purposes for players.

You can use $ERTHA to influence the political landscape, purchase land, develop real estate, etc.

Whatever you decide to do with them, the ERTHA tokens you have will influence how you’re perceived within the Erthaverse!

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