Ex-Yoozoo Games Executive Receives Death Sentence for Poisoning Leading Chinese Tycoon

Ex-Yoozoo Games Executive Receives Death Sentence for Poisoning Leading Chinese Tycoon

A former Yoozoo Games executive receives the death sentence for the murder of founder Lin Qi, highlighting a grievous conflict within the company.

Bollywoodfever, March, 22: A former executive at Yoozoo Games has been condemned to the death penalty following a conviction for the fatal poisoning of the firm’s founder. 

In a dispute over managerial decisions, Xu Yao administered poison to Lin Qi’s meals in December 2020, as determined by the Shanghai First Intermediate People’s Court. 

Ex-Yoozoo Games Executive Receives Death Sentence for Poisoning Leading Chinese Tycoon

Lin, aged 39, succumbed to the poisoning 10 days post-exposure, which led to Xu’s apprehension. 

Additionally, between September and December of the same year, Xu poisoned beverages intended for two other colleagues due to professional disagreements. 

Though these colleagues fell ill, they, along with two others who inadvertently consumed the tainted drinks, eventually recovered. 

The court deemed Xu’s premeditated actions as severely jeopardizing public safety, citing the crime’s motive, method, consequences, and Xu’s malice as particularly egregious. 

With the conviction stemming from an initial hearing, Xu retains the right to appeal, potentially prompting a conclusive second hearing.

 Lin Qi, who established Yoozoo, also known as Youzu Interactive, in 2009, was recognized as one of China’s wealthiest entrepreneurs at the time of his death, with an estimated net worth of approximately 6.8 billion yuan. 

Yoozoo is renowned for developing the Game Of Thrones: Winter Is Coming game and holds the film rights to the acclaimed Chinese sci-fi trilogy The Three-Body Problem, projects closely associated with Xu’s business interests.

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