Exclusive Hollywood Stars Protesting The Canada Gas Pipeline

Exclusive Hollywood Stars Protesting The Canada Gas Pipeline. Mark Ruffalo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Stiller and more stars sign letter Read More

Hollywood stars joined forces to send a letter to City National, the Royal Bank of Canada to request defunding of the Canada Gas pipeline.

In solidarity, the letter urged the Royal Bank of Canada “to withdraw support from the Coastal GasLink pipe, effective immediately.”

The letter continues to state that City National Bank’s parent company Royal Bank of Canada has been bankrolling climate change and violating Indigenous Peoples’ rights.

More Than 65 celebrities, such as Mark Ruffalo and Leonardo DiCaprio. Ben Stiller, Scarlett Johansson.

Taika Waititi Jane Fonda. Susan Sarandon, Robert Downey Jr. joined forces to send the letter to City National Bank’s parent.

City National Bank was dubbed the “Bank of the Stars”, and in 2015, acquired the Royal Bank of Canada.

Some celebrities featured in the video were able to film a joint video to spread awareness using the hashtag #NoMoreDirtyBanks

Ruffalo began the video by describing the bank’s involvement in the Coastal GasLink pipeline.

“At the moment, major banks such as the Royal Bank of Canada finance a fracked natural gas pipeline through the Wet’suwet’en nation in Northern British Columbia. Canada.”

He continued to state that the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs had never consented to the construction of this pipeline through their terrorities.

This would have a negative impact on the sacred headwaters at the Wedzin Kwa River. But here’s the problem.

Exclusive Hollywood Stars Protesting The Canada Gas Pipeline

Exclusive Hollywood Stars Protesting The Canada Gas Pipeline

“The Supreme Court of Canada recognised Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs of the land as the rightful title owners, but corporations can still consult only the ‘elected leadership’ established by the colonial government.”

Coastal GasLink made the following statement to Variation.

The letter was published like an ad. 

We are open to listening and will seek out meaningful ways to address concerns and interests, including making sure the pipeline is constructed under the Morice River with the most secure technology.

“Coastal GasLink acknowledges that Indigenous reconciliation is essential for creating a better, sustainable world.”

The statement continued. We encourage all those interested to read the entire story and learn about the vital role played by Indigenous communities in the development and construction of the Project.

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