Female TikTok User Shares Disturbing Experience at Planet Fitness Locker Room

Female TikTok User Shares Disturbing Experience at Planet Fitness Locker Room

Female TikTok User Shares Disturbing Experience at Planet Fitness Locker Room

Bollywood Fever: A recent TikTok video posted by user @theunapologetictiff has sparked outrage and concern about safety at a local Planet Fitness gym. 

The user shared her distressing experience of being caught off guard by a male employee who walked in on her while she was changing in the locker room topless.

According to the video, the employee saw her in a state of partial undress and made eye contact with her. The incident left the woman feeling deeply uncomfortable and violated. 

She expressed her emotions in the video, stating, “I am not trying to be dramatic, but I did not have a shirt on, I did not have a bra on, and I just feel really violated that he saw me… I just feel, like, really yucky that a man saw part of my naked body that I did not want to see my naked body.”

The woman went on to describe how it was difficult for her to process the incident and how she struggled to “come down” from the emotional impact. 

When she reported the incident to the gym staff at the front desk, she was dismissed, which only added to her frustration. 

She also raised concerns about the gym’s current promotion offering free memberships to teenagers for the summer, wondering what would happen if an underage girl had been in a similar situation.

The user noted that the male employee’s justification for entering the locker room was that there were no single-use bathrooms available for men. 

This incident has reignited criticism and calls for boycotts against Planet Fitness due to its policies regarding female locker rooms. 

The gym has a policy allowing transgender-identifying customers to use the locker room that corresponds with their “gender identity” rather than biological sex. This has led to numerous instances of women expressing shock and fear for their safety when they encounter biological men in their locker rooms.

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