Fired Employee Caught on Camera Sabotaging Wine Tanks, Causing $2.7 Million Loss

Fired Employee Caught on Camera Sabotaging Wine Tanks, Causing $2.7 Million Loss

Shocking footage captures a fired employee spilling 60,000 liters of wine at Cepa 21’s warehouse, resulting in a $2.7 million loss. The incident is under investigation, with a trial date pending.

Spain, Bollywood Fever: Shocking video footage has captured the moment a fired employee was caught on camera spilling 60,000 liters of wine at a warehouse, causing a $2.7 million loss. The woman, whose name was not released by the Valladolid Civil Guard, was arrested and taken into custody on Thursday, questioned by police, and then released. A trial date is pending, officers said.

The worker, on a temporary one-year contract with wine maker Cepa 21, was informed in early February that her contract would not be renewed. On the early morning of February 18, she entered the winery in Castrillo de Duero, wearing a hooded sweatshirt to mask her identity. Once inside, she keyed in the code for the alarm system, unaware that it was deactivated, and accidentally activated it.

Surveillance footage showed her approaching one of the barrels, rotating the valve, and nearly being knocked over as wine rushed out. As the wine splashed across the floor, she attempted to sabotage a second tank, which turned out to be empty, and then ran to another area of the warehouse. Police reported that she managed to activate three of the five tanks she accessed before fleeing.

The tanks stored two of Cepa 21’s top-selling wines, accounting for 15 percent of the company’s sales in 2023. Cepa 21 president, José Moro, told Antena 3 television that the woman was notified of the contract termination to allow her time to find another job. “The reason for the dismissal is because we have work peaks in which we need more staff, during high season,” Moro explained. “But in the middle seasons, we need fewer people, and for productivity and rotation, it was her turn.”

Fired Employee Caught on Camera Sabotaging Wine Tanks, Causing $2.7 Million Loss

Moro revealed that the woman returned to the warehouse shortly after the incident to ask for rehire. “Why she did it, I am unable to understand,” he said. “The feeling I have is bittersweet—satisfaction because they caught her, but on the other hand, what a shame because I remember when I entered the winery and saw all the fallen wine. It’s outrageous. I’m sad.”

Investigators are looking into whether the woman’s boyfriend aided her in sabotaging the wine tanks.

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