‘Firedancer’ Validator for Solana to Launch $1M Bug Bounty Program

Anza Aims to Tackle Solana Congestion with Upcoming Patches and Updates

Jump Crypto’s ‘Firedancer,’ an independent validator client for Solana, will launch a six-week bug bounty program on July 10, offering up to $1 million for significant bug discoveries.

Bollywood Fever: The long-awaited and highly anticipated ‘Firedancer‘ independent validator client for the Solana blockchain, built by Jump Crypto, is set to begin its first bug bounty program.

Pseudonymous developer Cantelope Peel announced that the program will start on July 10 and run for six weeks. Powered by Immunefi, the program will distribute up to $1 million to developers who identify significant bugs in Firedancer v0.1, nicknamed “Frankendancer,” the first version of the client.

Anza Aims to Tackle Solana Congestion with Upcoming Patches and Updates

According to Cantelope Peel, progress on Firedancer has been promising. In a post on X, Peel wrote, “Millions of slots of execution have been tested and match the Solana protocol.” The Firedancer client aims to enhance Solana’s resiliency, addressing potential issues that could arise with the current clients. Notably, Firedancer is implemented in C/C++, optimizing the client for the high-frequency trading Jump Crypto is renowned for.


Jump Crypto president Kanav Kariya highlighted the significance of Firedancer last year in an interview with The Block. “Given Solana’s success, our participation in the ecosystem over a couple of years, and the very specific technical challenges that they wanted to solve as it pertains to optimizing their network and runtime, [Firedancer] felt like a really great opportunity for us to come in and contribute,” Kariya said.

As the bug bounty program approaches, the Solana community eagerly anticipates the contributions of developers in enhancing the Firedancer client, ultimately bolstering the blockchain’s robustness and efficiency.

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