First under-screen camera by Oppo

We’ve seen numerous methods for removing components typically found on the front of a phone. The front-facing “selfie” camera has been especially tricky, bringing forth the infamous “notch,” hole punch, and pop-up mechanism. OPPO is introducing the first under-screen camera to solve this problem.

The endgame has always been under-screen cameras. It was just a matter of who could do it first. and OPPO is the first to show it off to the public.

Oppo : The algorithms behind our USC technology showcased at #MWC19 include haze removal, HDR and white balance resulting in a bezel-less phone, yet with a selfie camera that rivals current smartphones in the market today. #MoreThanTheSeen

OPPO’s brand new solution for full-screen display – Under-screen Camera (USC) has just been unveiled here at #MWC19 Shanghai! #MoreThanTheSeen

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