Fitness Influencer Faces Backlash for Inappropriate Attire at Phuket’s Big Buddha

Fitness Influencer Faces Backlash for Inappropriate Attire at Phuket's Big Buddha

Instagram model Vera Zinger faces criticism for wearing revealing gym attire at Phuket’s sacred Big Buddha site, sparking debates on cultural respect and dress codes for religious landmarks.

Bollywood Fever: An Instagram model and fitness coach is facing significant backlash after sharing a controversial photo online. Vera Zinger, 28, posted an image of herself in a risqué gym outfit while posing at the Big Buddha in Phuket, Thailand.

The Big Buddha is one of the most important landmarks and religious symbols for Buddhists in the area. Travelers are advised to dress modestly when visiting the sacred site, with legs, shoulders, and chests covered, according to several travel websites. However, Zinger flaunted her cleavage, abs, and legs in a tight crop top and bike shorts.

She captioned the post: “Pls hold the line, I’m busy.”

Fitness Influencer Faces Backlash for Inappropriate Attire at Phuket's Big Buddha

Social media users were quick to criticize Zinger for her revealing attire, deeming it inappropriate for the location. One user wrote, “I am no way shaming how she looks; I think she has an amazing body… but I am Thai and I think it’s pretty disrespectful for her to wear this to see the big Buddha statue. There are dress codes for your shoulders and knees to be covered when visiting sites or temples. Usually, we wear a scarf or a long skirt like a sarong.”

Another echoed the sentiment, stating, “I understand she’s a fitness influencer, but a sacred site or temple is not the place to be taking a gym outfit picture like that.”

Fitness Influencer Faces Backlash for Inappropriate Attire at Phuket's Big Buddha

Comments also suggested that Zinger must have removed her coverings for the photo, as visitors are required to cover up before entering. “All the people in the back are covered as well, how disrespectful,” one user noted.

Zinger, known for flaunting her jet-setting lifestyle on Instagram, often shares photos of her holidays and gym routines. However, this recent post has sparked a debate on cultural respect and the importance of adhering to local customs and dress codes, especially at religious sites.

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