Florida Karen Receives Instant Karma After Confrontation Caught on Camera

Florida Karen Receives Instant Karma After Confrontation Caught on Camera

A woman dubbed “Florida Karen” was knocked to the ground after threatening a local influencer who filmed her argument in a supermarket parking lot.

Bollywood Fever: A Florida woman, dubbed “Karen” by onlookers, experienced instant karma after being knocked to the ground during a confrontation that was caught on camera in the parking lot of a Publix supermarket in West Palm Beach.

Florida Karen Receives Instant Karma After Confrontation Caught on Camera

The incident was filmed by a local content creator known as Wtfbroward, who operates in Broward County and has a following of over 43,000. The video begins with the influencer approaching two women arguing by their cars outside the supermarket.

“Oh s**t. We got beef over here,” he teases as he walks closer to the commotion.

The argument, though difficult to hear, seems to stem from the Karen parking in a disabled spot without a disability. The second woman chants, “You’re going to hell! You’re going to hell! You started it and your kids are too. Thank you. You made my day. At least I’m not dressed like a slut.”

The influencer captures the scene while one of the women yells, “Put it on YouTube!” He jokes, “We got beef! Old lady beef at Publix,” as he continues filming.

As the argument appears to subside, the Karen notices the influencer filming her and confronts him. “Erase that!” she demands, trying to grab his cellphone.

“Lady, are you crazy?” the influencer asks.

Fing erase that or I’ll punch the f out of you!” she threatens.

The influencer tries to defuse the situation. “Hey, lady, you’re crazy!” he repeats, but the Karen attempts to punch him and grab his phone.

Instant karma ensues, and in the next frame, she is seen lying flat on her back on the asphalt of the parking lot. “F*ing move b**!” the influencer says. “Nooo you can’t hit me!”

The Karen, appearing shocked, gets to her feet and threatens to call the police. The influencer responds, “Call ’em. You hit me. I got you on camera hitting me.”

The video’s comment section was filled with reactions to the woman’s behavior.

“Man she went all in, two fights in two minutes. Some Karens never learn,” wrote one user.

“And SHES IN A HANDICAP SPOT!! She threatens everyone. She needs to lose some teeth,” demanded another.

“He dropped her ass and she get up screaming 911 but she started the bulls***,” added a third.

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