Former Google Employee Implicated in Nintendo Leaks: Internal Report Unveils Alarming Privacy Issues

What is trending on Google 4 August 2022

A significant dataset obtained by 404 Media from an anonymous source has implicated a former Google employee in past Nintendo leaks.

An internal Google report has surfaced, suggesting that a previous Google employee might be responsible for past Nintendo leaks. This report, passed to 404 Media by an anonymous tipster, details a series of privacy and security issues compiled by employees over six years, revealing several alarming concerns.

According to the report published by 404 Media, an incident was documented where a Google employee “accessed private videos in Nintendo’s YouTube account.” This information was leaked ahead of scheduled Nintendo announcements.

Although the report does not specify which Nintendo leaks were involved, 404 Media noted that the activity in the incident was deemed “non-intentional” by the Google report. This case is part of a series of troubling privacy issues highlighted by the anonymously provided data.

Between 2013 and 2018, similar incidents were recorded in the database, initially shared internally by Google employees. These reports included issues found within Google’s own practices and products, as well as errors made by Google staff.

The dataset contains thousands of incident reports, including cases where payment information was exposed after the Sabre travel agent used by Google was compromised, and a filter designed to prevent the collection of children’s voices was “not correctly applied.”

Upon obtaining the previously internal data, 404 Media contacted Google, who explained, “At Google, employees can quickly flag potential product issues for review by the relevant teams. When an employee submits the flag, they suggest the priority level to the reviewer.”

Google further stated, “The reports obtained by 404 are from over six years ago and are examples of these flags—every one was reviewed and resolved at that time.”

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