Former High Jump Champion Jacques Freitag Found Dead with Bullet Wounds in Pretoria

Former High Jump Champion Jacques Freitag Found Dead with Bullet Wounds in Pretoria

Jacques Freitag, world high jump gold medallist, found dead in a field with bullet wounds two weeks after his disappearance. The tragic discovery concludes a desperate search led by his sister.

Bollywood Fever: Jacques Freitag, the world high jump gold medallist, has been found dead with bullet wounds in a field, two weeks after his mysterious disappearance. The 42-year-old retired athlete was reported missing after visiting his mother’s home in Bronkhorstpruit shortly after his birthday.

Freitag, once celebrated as the golden boy of South African sport, had been facing hard times. Reports indicated he was out of work and struggling with recreational drugs. On the night of his disappearance, he was picked up from his mother’s home shortly after midnight by a mystery man who claimed to have work for him. This was the last time Freitag was seen alive.

Former High Jump Champion Jacques Freitag Found Dead with Bullet Wounds in Pretoria

His blood-soaked body was discovered on Tuesday afternoon beside Zandfontein Cemetery in Pretoria West. The tragic end follows a desperate search led by his sister, Chrissie Lewis, since his vanishing on June 17.

Freitag’s death marks a sorrowful end to the life of a once-prominent athlete whose later years were marred by personal struggles. The circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear, and investigations are ongoing to determine the events leading up to the fatal shooting.

Freitag’s disappearance and subsequent discovery have shocked the sports community and his loved ones, highlighting the stark contrast between his former athletic glory and his tragic demise. As authorities continue their investigation, Freitag’s family and friends are left to mourn the loss of a talented individual whose life ended far too soon.

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