George Janko Alleges Sexual Harassment by Bobby Lee on IMPAULSIVE Podcast

George Janko Alleges Sexual Harassment by Bobby Lee on IMPAULSIVE Podcast

George Janko has claimed that comedian Bobby Lee sexually harassed him during an IMPAULSIVE podcast episode in 2023. He also alleges that Logan Paul said he must apologize for walking off the set or else he would be fired.

On May 10, Janko sat down with IMPAULSIVE co-host Mike Majlak during his podcast, the George Janko Show. Majlak also featured in the episode when the alleged incident occurred in 2023.

Janko said: “I never had a problem with Bobby Lee, I had a problem with the way that Logan and you were kind of gassing him to keep doing it. He started the episode putting his balls in my face, I let that one go, then every two seconds he kept grabbing my d**k.”

He added: “Logan makes me apologize to this man, or I don’t have a job on IMPAULSIVE anymore. How f**king crazy is that?”

During the Bobby Lee IMPAULSIVE episode, Lee can be seen touching Janko’s groin area at 9:46 and then asking “Can I touch you here?” As the co-host replies “Absolutely.” There is then a cut, and what happened in between is unknown.

Throughout the rest of the YouTube video, Lee can be seen touching Janko several times. At 1:19:30, Bobby touches Janko’s groin area again, and Janko pushes his hand away, saying “hey, hey, hey.”

Moments later, at 1:20:58, Lee touches Janko on the knee, and shortly after Paul points towards him stating: “He is clocked out.” Janko then walks off the episode and never returns.

Janko made several further claims against Logan Paul about how he was mistreated, including him allegedly having to pay $10,000 every month to stay on IMPAULSIVE, fighting Paul in court for better pay, and that Paul eventually fired him from the podcast.

Despite this, he has stated that he hopes to “mend” their relationship, which started to diminish since he previously walked off an episode in 2022 after Paul called Janko’s Christian beliefs “f**king silly.” Even though Paul apologized, Janko ended up leaving and starting his own George Janko Show podcast.

Paul has since claimed that George Janko lied about his IMPAULSIVE mistreatment in a video posted to his socials to address the accusations. However, he has not directly responded to the sexual harassment claims and handling of the situation with Bobby Lee.

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