Gloria Trevi Files Lawsuit Against Ex-Manager and Producer Sergio Andrade Alleging Sexual Abuse

Gloria Trevi Files Lawsuit Against Ex-Manager and Producer Sergio Andrade Alleging Sexual Abuse

In response to the January lawsuit that alleged Latin pop singer Gloria Trevi was involved in the “grooming” and exploitation of underage girls in the early 1990s for the benefit of her ex-producer and manager Sergio Andrade, Trevi filed a counterclaim against Andrade on Thursday.

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Maintaining her stance that she was also a victim of Andrade, Trevi accused the disgraced Mexican producer of sexual assault, sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and other charges. Represented by Camille M. Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s former attorney, Trevi explained in a statement shared with Variety that she had chosen to remain silent about the “horrific abuse” she endured for many years to avoid reliving the “awful experiences and, most importantly, to protect her children and family.

Gloria Trevi Files Lawsuit Against Ex-Manager and Producer Sergio Andrade Alleging Sexual Abuse
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Trevi stated, “I have opted to take legal action to pursue justice and convey a message that such reprehensible acts should not be tolerated. No one should endure what I experienced, and I am resolute in holding those accountable for their actions.”

The filing characterizes Trevi as the “Mexican Madonna” of the late 1980s and 1990s, revealing that she was “controlled, mentally and physically tortured, and effectively enslaved by Andrade,” unbeknownst to the public. Describing her as Andrade’s “most valuable asset,” the document asserts that she was the woman he was most determined to control and subjugate.

“Andrade, with familial ties to a senator, held significant connections within the Mexican business and political elite, occupying a position of considerable cultural power and influence,” according to the filing. This allowed him to draw numerous young girls into his sphere, enticing them with dreams of career guidance and mentorship in entertainment, only to subject them to total control and sadistic abuse—mental, financial, physical, and sexual. Ms. Trevi was one of those young women.”

Trevi alleges constant surveillance by other subdued young women to ensure compliance, restrictions on speaking freely to men other than Andrade, and enduring abusive behavior. She claims she had no control over her earnings, which were redirected to Andrade through his company. Additionally, Trevi alleges she was “brutally” beaten, sexually assaulted, and raped by Andrade multiple times, leading her to attempt suicide. These crimes, she asserts, took place in Los Angeles, where the cross-complaint was filed.

Her attorney, Vasquez, added, “Our client, Gloria Trevi, has demonstrated immense strength and courage in coming forward and filing this cross-complaint. We are fully prepared to present our case and seek justice on her behalf.”

Trevi and Andrade were initially accused of corrupting and abusing minors in the ’90s. In January 2000, the pair, along with backup singer María Raquenel Portillo, were arrested for their alleged involvement in a cult-like sex ring. Last week, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge dismissed a cross-complaint filed by Portillo.

Trevi spent four years in a Chihuahua prison but was acquitted of charges in 2004, continuing her career with chart-topping albums and arena shows. In 2018, she disclosed her traumatic experiences, emphasizing that she was just 15 when Andrade pulled her into a world of abuse and manipulation.

Andrade, suggested to be currently residing in Mexico, has been convicted but has not yet appeared in court or responded to the allegations in the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

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Source: Variety

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