Hawk Tuah Girl Hailey Welch Turns Viral Fame into a New Career with 16 Minutes LLC

Hailey Welch Cashes In on Viral 'Hawk Tuah' Fame with New Merchandise Line

Hailey Welch, known as Hawk Tuah Girl, transforms her viral fame into a new business venture, 16 Minutes LLC, while addressing fans’ demands and paparazzi intrusions. Discover her journey and future plans.

Bollywood Fever: Hailey Welch, famously known as the Hawk Tuah Girl, is leveraging her viral fame into a promising career, as revealed in a recent Instagram video. The 21-year-old from Tennessee gained international recognition after her TikTok video went viral, and she’s now capitalizing on her notoriety by launching her own merchandising company, 16 Minutes LLC, a development first reported by DailyMail.com.

Hailey Welch Cashes In on Viral 'Hawk Tuah' Fame with New Merchandise Line

In her latest update, Welch humorously addressed those trying to profit from her fame, announcing that she has hired a lawyer and manager to protect her interests, using the hashtag: #Coming4you.

Welch’s rise to fame has brought its challenges. She mentioned the frequent requests for her to create an OnlyFans page, firmly stating, “Stop asking me for the link in bio for my OnlyFans. I don’t have an OnlyFans and there will never be an OnlyFans. I just make funny jokes, that’s all I do.”

Hailey Welch Cashes In on Viral 'Hawk Tuah' Fame with New Merchandise Line

Another downside of her sudden celebrity status is the paparazzi presence around her home, prompting her father, affectionately called ‘paw paw,’ to threaten to shoot intruding photographers.

On a brighter note, Welch expressed gratitude for overcoming her stage fright and performing with Zach Bryan, humorously admitting, “I cannot ‘sing for s***.'”

Her newfound fame has allowed Welch to quit her job at a bed spring factory in Belfast, Tennessee, and pursue other opportunities. Despite her success, she insists she will continue to enjoy Taco Bell, no matter her level of fame.

Welch joked about the need to dress up every day, lamenting that she can’t emulate Adam Sandler’s casual wardrobe style.

16 Minutes LLC, based in Nashville, Tennessee, reflects her intent to extend her fame beyond the initial 15 minutes. The company’s name might also nod to her viral line, “You’ve got to give him that hawk tuah and spit on that thang, you get me?” – a phrase comprising 16 words.

According to TMZ, Welch and her management plan to issue cease and desist letters to those selling unauthorized ‘Hawk Tuah’ merchandise. This move and the formation of her company came as a surprise, given her earlier reluctance to be known as the Hawk Tuah girl forever.

On July 1, Welch announced she had quit her factory job and hired management after her video explaining how to ‘make a man go crazy in bed’ for Tim & Dee TV garnered over three million views on YouTube since airing on June 19.

Hailey Welch Cashes In on Viral 'Hawk Tuah' Fame with New Merchandise Line

Initially, Welch isolated herself in rural Tennessee, where her family built a protective barrier to shield her from the overwhelming publicity. She shared that she had received revolting offers, including one for $600 to spit in a jar and sell it.

In an interview on the Plan Bri Uncut podcast with Brianna Lapaglia, also known as ‘Brianna Chickenfry,’ Welch clarified misconceptions about her background. Contrary to internet rumors, she was not a schoolteacher but worked in a spring factory, and her father is not a preacher.

Welch now plans to travel across the country, participate in shows, and appear on various podcasts, embracing her unexpected journey into the limelight.

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