Hilarious Family Feud Moment: Contestant’s Cheeky Answer Leaves Steve Harvey in Stitches

Hilarious Family Feud Moment: Contestant's Cheeky Answer Leaves Steve Harvey in Stitches

A resurfaced clip from Family Feud shows Steve Harvey and the audience in fits of laughter after a contestant’s risqué answer. Read about the hilarious moment that left everyone in stitches.

Bollywood Fever: Family Feud had the audience in stitches after one married contestant gave Steve Harvey an X-rated answer – prompting the impressed host to high five her husband.

In a resurfaced clip from the beloved ABC show, the gameplay was momentarily derailed when Steve, 67, asked both families to “name a place you are where you hold on.”

After her family members had already correctly guessed rollercoaster, speedboat, and airplane, it was contestant Jeni’s turn – and she couldn’t help but hazard a cheeky guess.

Hilarious Family Feud Moment: Contestant's Cheeky Answer Leaves Steve Harvey in Stitches

“I can’t believe this,” Steve said. “Jeni, listen to me, I’ve got one answer left. Ya’ll give me one answer, ya’ll gone win this game.”

“Oh gosh,” Jeni replied, before leaning close to the microphone and saying: “The bedroom?”

The studio erupted in applause at the saucy quip, with her loved ones cheering, while her husband Lance immediately went in for a double high-five.

Steve appeared equally impressed and shuffled over to Lance to high-five him too.

“Big Lance in the bedroom!” Steve hollered as he turned to face the board.

Sadly though, Jeni’s risqué answer was not a fit and two big red crosses popped up on the screen.

Jeni and her family weren’t completely out of guesses though, as her husband Lance was faced with one more opportunity to win the game.

Turning to him, Steve said: “Lance, one answer left. If you give it to me, your family wins the game. If it’s not there, we’ve got two strikes. The other family can steal, and they will win the game. Lance, name a place you are where you hold on tight.”

Lance then quipped: “If you’ve ever been in the car with my wife, Steve, then you’ll know I’m gonna say the car!”

Stunned by Lance’s brutal dig, Steve remarked: “Right after you gave him the greatest compliment of all time, he turned around and said to ride with her!”

The top-scoring correct answer was theme park or fair with 78 points, followed by speedboat, airplane, and subway for three points.

Of course, this isn’t the first time contestants have shocked at the podium with their guesses.

Earlier this month, Steve asked his players: “You know you shouldn’t, but name someone you have sexy dreams about.”

At the time, one contestant buzzed in to confess that he dreams of his own aunt.

Unsurprisingly, Steve was stunned by the outrageous statement, which did not earn the player’s family any points.

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